The Trailer for Universal's Super Nintendo World Continues to Raise Serious Questions About Mario

The Trailer for Universal's Super Nintendo World Continues to Raise Serious Questions About Mario

Universal Studios Japan breaks ground on Super Nintendo World, but what's the deal with Mario?

Universal Studios Japan broke ground on Super Nintendo World today, officially beginning construction on the Nintendo themed amusement park attraction. Universal Studios released a new trailer to promote the theme park while Shigeru Miyamoto was on stage in Japan to help break ground, complete in a Mario hat and mustache outfit.

Super Nintendo World is a partnership between the Universal Studios theme parks and Nintendo first announced last year. The trailer gives some clues as to what the park will look like complete with Princess Peach's castle, a Bowser castle, and some other Mario-themed stages-turned-amusement park attractions.

There was also the CGI trailer which, like in the reveal for Super Mario Odyssey, brings Mario into contact with real people, further suggesting that Mario himself might be a kind of eldritch being removed from the mortal coil. I'm beginning to suspect that Nintendo is trying to tell us some horrible Mario secret they're too scare to outright admit. What are you hiding Nintendo?

The first Nintendo park is set to be built in Osaka, Japan with two more coming to Hollywood and Orlando. The Osaka location is set to be finished by 2020 while the there are still no details when us visitors in the United States can start visiting a Nintendo Land park.

To celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony, Universal Studios Japan CEO J.L. Bonnier, Universal Parks and Resorts vice chairman Mark Woodbury, and Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto all joined a dancing Mario mascot on stage in Osaka to cut the ribbon and strike a Mario pose.

I'd imagine Super Nintendo World will include a bunch of typical amusement park attraction offerings like carousels where you ride atop Yoshis, or roller coasters based off of Mario levels. I'm hoping that there will be some parts of the park dedicated to other Nintendo properties like The Legend of Zelda or Metroid.

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