The Troubled Uncharted Movie Finally Gets a 2020 Release Date

The Troubled Uncharted Movie Finally Gets a 2020 Release Date

Nathan Drake is one step closer to becoming a movie star.

Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake has conquered ruins without number, but he's had a hard time surmounting the challenges that come with getting a movie adaptation. The plucky adventurer is one step closer to swinging onto the silver screen, however, as it looks like December 18, 2020, is the projected release date for the Uncharted movie.

Box office analysis website Exhibitor Relations Co. tweeted about the Uncharted adaptation earlier today. The release date is a good sign, since the Uncharted movie has been in development hell for some time. Original director Shawn Levy stepped away from Uncharted to direct an original game-based movie called Free Guy, set to release in 2020. 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg stepped in to take over as director earlier this year.

Trachtenberg already has a bit of experience directing a game movie: In 2011, he released a short fan film based on Portal. The five-minute short is impressive, if a little greyer and more serious than Valve's celebrated Portal universe, but it's enough to prove Trachtenberg probably won't fly way off base and turn Drake into a disgruntled kindergarten teacher or something (wait, that might be cool).

Not much is known about the plot for the Uncharted movie yet, but we do know it features a young Nathan Drake who's being played by Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland. Drake was originally going to be played by a more age-appropriate Mark Wahlberg, but that casting choice ultimately fell through.

We'll have more information about the Uncharted movie as it drops in.

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