The USgamer Podcast: Hellblade, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and Permadeath

PODCAST | Join Kat, Caty, Nadia, and Mike as they talk the perks and pitfalls of permadeath, the grossness of the Mayo-inked Splatfest, the joys of Mega Man and Yakuza, plus more!

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The USgamer Podcast is our weekly flagship podcast that is updated every Wednesday. You can find the previous episodes here.

The USgamer podcast is back... again! Join Nadia, Caty, Mike, and myself as we gab about all the latest in gaming! (download link here).

Hello, hello. Yes, we have returned. And yes, this wonderful podcast is going to be a weekly thing, as if you couldn't get enough of our RPG Podcast Axe of the Blood God already. This is a roller coaster episode, as we talk the recent Discourse around Hellblade and its maybe-permadeath. We also go over what else we've been playing that doesn't have hell and blade in the same name, from the recent Mayo-prevailing Splatfest to Mike discovering the glory of the Yakuza series for the very first time. Plus, some Mega Man talk as Caty takes a nap, because why the heck not.

Our cast this week is our resident Editor-in-Chief-mom Kat, along with Mike, Caty, and Nadia. Our big topic this week revolves around the non-issue on everyone's minds: what does good permadeath in games look like? Why do people get so mad about it? Can't they just like, I dunno, play another game or something?

We'll be back every Wednesday with a new episode with our ever-rotating cast of USgamer team members (we're a small bunch—just five of us on the editorial end, not counting guides). Hope you're enjoying our freshly rebooted podcast, and stay tuned for episode three next week!

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Show Description

Kat, Caty, Nadia, and Mike get together to discuss the buzz around Hellblade, recap Splatfest (08:00), review Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (16:00), and delve into Yakuza Kiwami (30:20). Then they tackle this week's big topic: permadeath! Is it fun? It is too punishing? What does good permadeath look like? Find out!

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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #1 SIGGYZtar 6 months ago
    Kat is the mom? Would that make Nadia the Dad that constantly goads us to go play?Edited August 2017 by SIGGYZtar
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  • Avatar for landocalrizzian #2 landocalrizzian 6 months ago
    Kat & Nadia, you guys rule. So glad you guys are back with this one.
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  • Avatar for daverhodus #3 daverhodus 6 months ago
    My favorite Megaman game is Megaman Powered Up.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #4 NiceGuyNeon 6 months ago
    I'm happy this podcast is back/rebooted.

    My thoughts on permadeath are pretty similar to Caty's: if you don't want it, don't play that game. Crazy concept, I know. That said Mike brings up a good point too, in that the time commitment asked of you is sometimes too steep for permadeath. It makes sense for Fire Emblem and XCOM where you have revolving teams, but like if Dark Souls had a permadeath function and you had to restart from the beginning each time you died, well, I'd probably never touch it BECAUSE I DID NOT POUR IN 100+ HOURS INTO THAT GAME FOR MY GIRL TO BE PERMADEATHED OUT OF EXISTENCE! NO WAY NO HOW. I'm mad just thinking about it :P
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #5 riderkicker 6 months ago
  • Avatar for riderkicker #6 riderkicker 6 months ago
    Yup. All these amazing games, and yet I thought it was odd that Capcom made it so cheap. Not much love, just make sure it works and ship it out.
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  • Avatar for LK4O4 #7 LK4O4 6 months ago
    The "Monitor Mode" filter in the first two Legacy Collections was actually fantastic, and it's omission in Legacy Collection 2 is really sad for me, since it would've looked fantastic over MM9/MM10.

    Also, Kat is correct that Mega Man 9 is one of the top two Mega Man games. Everyone else on the podcast is crazy.

    (Everyone on the podcast says it's too hard, but like, compare to Mega Man 2: Jewel Man's level is less cheap than Quick Man's memorization lasers, Plug Man's disappearing blocks are less cheap than Heat Man's disappearing blocks, etc etc.)
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #8 Gamer-Law 6 months ago
    Thank you for resurrecting this podcast. The show makes for a nice companion to Axe of the Blood God and serves as a reminder that USGamer podcasts are second to none.

    The discussion on permadeath was really interesting. Traditionally, I have shared Caty's opinion that those who find it to be too much of a stressor are probably best to avoid the game. Like Kat, I enjoy Fire Emblem games on Classic mode because, from my perspective, that is how they are meant to be played.

    As I get older, however, part of me becomes sympathetic to Mike's point. Free time is a precious commodity and sometimes it is enough to simply experience a game without having to worry about constant soft resets.

    Looking forward to future episodes.
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  • Avatar for orient #9 orient 6 months ago
    So glad the flagship cast is back!

    As the resident Shenmue fan, I have to say that Mike did a good job of communicating what makes Shenmue special, but comparing the characters in Shenmue to those in Yakuza isn't exactly apples to apples. Both games have wildly different narrative styles and tell their stories in very different ways. There's no doubt Kiryu and co are deeper characters, but there's a heavy reliance on extremely long and frequent cut-scenes to flesh those characters out, while Shenmue is much more minimal. Yakuza is thick with twists and turns like the most melodramatic crime drama imaginable, whereas Shenmue has more of a martial arts movie-type plot. They're very different things, both good in their own way.
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