The USgamer Podcast: Recapping 2017 After a Busy Release Season

The USgamer Podcast: Recapping 2017 After a Busy Release Season

PODCAST | Animal Crossing, Splatoon update, and more in the latest episode of our flagship podcast!

The USgamer Podcast is our weekly flagship podcast that is updated every Wednesday. You can find the previous episodes here.

In the latest episode of the USgamer Podcast, Nadia returns to join Mike and Caty in a lengthy recap of the year in games in 2017 (download link here)!

There's a heck of a lot to cover in what has been a pretty remarkable year in games, which is evident in the rather lengthy discussion. Breath of the Wild! Mario Odyssey! Wolfenstein! Divinity Original Sin 2! PUBG! There's more than one all-timer in there, which means 2017 will most likely be remembered as a vintage year. Also in this episode: More Animal Crossing Pocket Camp discussion. Because who doesn't love Animal Crossing?

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Mike, Caty, and Nadia recap a busy 2017 [34:31], analyze the Splatoon 2 update [12:21], revisit the Resident Evil Revelations Collection on Switch [19:42], and share a bit of love for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp [02:47].

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