The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode Three Finally Has a Trailer

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode Three Finally Has a Trailer

"Broken Toys" is out next week.

The trailer for episode three of The Walking Dead: The Final Season "Broken Toys" is here, and it gives us the best look yet of the season under Skybound Games.

Last year, Telltale Games announced it would be getting ready to shut down after laying off most of its staff. Planned projects like Stranger Things and The Wolf Among Us season two were cancelled while The Walking Dead: The Final Season was nearly left unfinished after its second episode. But The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was able to resurrect the final season at his company Skybound Games, with most of the original staff returning to finish the season starting with Episode Three.

The trailer has a lot of what you've come to expect from The Walking Dead. There's some intense drama, some violence, and zombies. Clementine is now a rugged survivor of the zombie apocalypse, but players who've stuck with Clem since season one knows she wasn't always this way. And based on the little flashback at the end of the trailer, we might be revisiting the young girl who would eventually become the story's protagonist.

The third episode will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on January 15. Epic Games announced that it is now the exclusive PC store for The Walking Dead, though customers who purchased The Final Season on Steam will be able to finish out the series there. Anybody looking to purchase The Final Season for the first time on PC however must head on over to the Epic Games Store.

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