The Walking Dead Final Season's First Details Include Unscripted Zombie Fights

The Walking Dead Final Season's First Details Include Unscripted Zombie Fights

There's a dog, but it won't die.

Telltale Games was at PAX East today to reveal new details about the upcoming Final Season of the company's The Walking Dead series. A finale Clementine's actor Melissa Hutchinson says is "Bittersweet, and a little painful."

The Walking Dead Final season will begin after a time jump with a visibly older looking Clementine. We've been following her journey since season one and we've seen her grow into the survivor that she is today. Despite the parallels in the promotional image released for the Final Season, we're told that Clementine isn't Lee.

Clem finds herself protecting AJ, a child of the apocalypse. It's an important distinction since Clem grew up as a kid before the zombie takeover and thus has formative memories of the pre-zombie world. That's not the case for AJ. Telltale says that many of the characters we meet in the Final Season will be Clem's age and younger.

Telltale shared a couple of details for what we should expect from the Final Season in terms of story and gameplay. The first episode will take place in a dilapidated boarding school. Telltale says that things got a little too colorful in season three so the team is going back towards the look of the comic books for this season.

You'll also run into new characters like Rosie, a dog that Telltale says doesn't die. Sadly Clem is afraid of dogs so that should be interesting. There's Louis who's holding onto the wold world, a pragmatic survivor named Violet, and Ten who still needs to learn about the new zombie world.

As far as gameplay goes, Telltale says that Walker combat has gotten an overhaul. Meaning that the walkers will be wandering about and dangerous and that some fights aren't scripted. So you can run into a walker fight that's completely unplanned if you're being careless.

Since the time has jumped forward, the world is starting to crumble. Generators and other vestiges of the old world are starting to fail which will no doubt create even more dire situations for Clementine.

Telltale is currently working on The Walking Dead Final Season and The Wolf Among Us 2. The gameplay changes in the Final Season also seems to be Telltale expanding on the tried and true Telltale formula for games. We reported last year that after Telltale underwent layoffs, the company was aiming to improve its corporate culture.

Telltale hasn't given a release date yet for The Walking Dead Final Season, but it looks like the team is hard at work on crafting a strong finale. We're looking forward to the finale of what we consider one of the best Telltale games from the studio.

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