The Witcher 3 - Infinite Money Glitch and Item Exploit

The Witcher 3 - Infinite Money Glitch and Item Exploit

Earn infinite crowns as of update 1.21.

This guide will explain the latest infinite money exploit in the Witcher 3. This exploit allows players to earn thousands of crowns in a short amount of time, and is still available as of update 1.21.

Similar to previous money exploits in the Witcher 3, this glitch takes place in White Orchard. You will need a bit of patience to execute this exploit correctly, but once everything is in place you can earn thousands of gold crowns in just a few minutes.

Travel to White Orchard

This exploit involves repeatedly killing Willis the armorer in White Orchard and taking his stock. Travel to White Orchard and speak to Willis. Purchase as many items as you can from Willis so that he has as much coin as possible. His money amount will be what you will repeatedly receive at the end of the glitch.

Find a Nearby Beehive

Meditate to the evening, so that there aren’t as many NPC’s in the streets. Head toward one of the houses further away in the northwest corner of the village. Look for a beehive on a tree in the back. Use Aard to knock down the beehive. You may want to equip Quen before doing so to avoid getting hurt by the bees.

Push the Beehive to the Armorer

Repeatedly use Aard to push the fallen beehive over to Willis. This can take a while, but just be patient and keep at it. It helps to push the beehive along the road so it doesn’t get stuck on walls or fences. If it is nighttime, you should not have to worry about running into very many people along the way.

Let the Bees Kill the Armorer

When you reach the armorer, knock the beehive as close to him as possible. If you notice red damage numbers ticking away above Willis’ head, then you have the beehive in a good position. After about a minute, the bees will kill Willis, and he’ll fall to the ground along with the contents of his shop. Loot the coins from his body, and take any other items you want.

Meditate and Repeat

Meditate for at least an hour, and Willis will respawn. The beehive will kill him again, and the armorer will drop his money and shop contents once more. If you don't want to take the shop items, simply scroll to the bottom of the loot list to just take the money.

Willis will drop whatever amount of money he had after you purchased items from him earlier, and this will be the amount you can acquire each time he dies. Continue to meditate each time Willis dies to repeat the process, looting his money as you go. This can earn you thousands of crowns in just a few minutes.

This infinite money glitch is still working as of Update 1.21. However, keep in mind that the developers at CDProjekt are usually pretty quick to patch exploits like this, so enjoy it while you can. You will definitely need the extra cash for activities in the Blood and Wine expansion, including upgrading Corvo Bianco vineyard.

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