What Choices Would I Have Made in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings?

What Choices Would I Have Made in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings?

If you're starting with the Witcher series with Wild Hunt, you may need some help. We're here for you.

You're probably here for this. At the end of the game's introductory section, Geralt is questioned by Nilfgaardian commander Morvran Voorhis. All of these questions are related to choices that you could make in the Witcher II: Assassins of Kings. If you've played that game, you can simply transfer your save over, but those of us playing on consoles don't have that option. What we're offering here is an informed way to answer these questions, as if you had played The Witcher II yourself. If you want to know the outcome of these questions within Wild Hunt, go read our guide.

Spoilers for The Witcher II, of course.

Question #1: Did you kill or spare Aryan La Valette?

Aryan La Valette is a member of Nilfgaardian nobility who can be found in the introductory section of Witcher II. Aryan La Valette is a proud baron and knight in charge of La Valette Castle, a fortress under siege by King Foltest of Remvaria, who wants his two children back. Geralt is involved because he saved Foltest from assassination oncel the king took a liking to Geralt and kept him around as a bodyguard in his service.

The twist? Both children are born from an affair between Baroness Maria Luiza La Valette and Foltest, so both families have rights to the kids: Foltest as a father and Aryan as a half-brother. Foltest wants his kids, while Aryan is rightfully angry that Foltest debased his mother in the first place. As such, he doesn't want to let Foltest have anything to do with the kids.

Geralt's goal in the opening is to protect the king and help him take the fortress. Ultimately, Geralt ends up in a duel with Aryan. Your option was to either kill Aryan in the duel or persuade the young baron to surrender. Either option convinces the La Valette soldiers to give up the fortress. It's worth noting that Aryan is more stupid than evil; prizing a knight's honor above his own life.

Oh, and a dragon attacks the fortress at random. More on that later.

Unfortunately, regardless of which path you choose, Foltest is immediately murdered by Letho, another Witcher working for Nilfgaard and Geralt is fingered for the crime. If you don't kill Aryan, he actually helps Geralt escape from the dungeons.

Question #2: Did leave Flotsam with Vernon Roche or Iorveth?

This was the major fork in the Witcher II, sending Geralt off in two completely different directions. At the beginning of the game's first chapter, you can either decide to side with Vernon Roche, a special forces commander loyal to Foltest, or Iorveth, an elven guerilla. Backstory time!

Vernon Roche is an interrogator and commander of the the Blue Stripes, which is a Temerian special forces unit. Taking this path mires Geralt in further political intrigue and ultimately leads to a chance to save Anais La Valette, one of Foltest's illegitimate children. The thing is, while Roche may be loyal to Foltest, he's also pretty racist. Putting down nonhumans is like breathing for him.

Iorveth on the other hand is a known terrorist and leader of the Scoia'tael, a movement of nonhumans seeking freedom. See, humans rule the world the Witcher takes place in and many see nonhumans like Vernon Roche does above. Iorveth seeks freedom for his people, but his raids have destroyed many villages and killed many men. Even people on his side see him as a mass-murderer. The thing is, he's not super-racist and is willing to ally himself with sympathetic humans if the opportunity arises, as it does in the Witcher II.

Do you care more about the game of thrones or the plight of nonhumans?

Anais La Valette with her brother and father, King Foltest.

Question #3A (Roche Path): Did you choose to save Triss or help Roche save Anais?

Triss Merigold is Geralt's love interest in the Witcher and Witcher II. She's also a mage with a knack for getting herself in trouble. Anais La Valette is a little girl who happens to be the rightful heir to Foltest's throne.

Geralt's heart lies with Triss, but choosing love over an innocent child is difficult. If you choose to save Triss, Vernon Roche saves Anais by himself, but Roche's actions earlier in the game means she'll never be royalty. As an added bonus, Triss accuses another sorceress, Síle de Tansarville, of being involved in Foltest's death.

If you choose to save Anais, Letho, the Witcher who murdered Foltest, will save Triss. Geralt then hands Anais over to either her father's country of Temeria as the rightful heir, or the Redanian king Radovid for safe keeping. Radovid turns Temeria into a protectorate and Vernon joins his army, allowing Redania to turn its gaze southward, toward Nilfgaard.

Question #3B (Iorveth Path): Did you choose to save Triss or help Iorveth save Saskia?

Like the question above, do you choose love or duty? Save Triss and she accuses Síle de Tansarville of masterminding Foltest's assassination. Saskia, who is Iorveth's ally and actually a shapeshifting dragon, is under the thrall of sorceress Philippa Eilhart. If you choose Triss, Saskia remains under Eilhart's control, meaning you'll end up having to fight her.

Save Saskia, and Letho again frees Triss. The problem here is the revelation that Philippa Eilhart and Síle de Tansarville are part of the Lodge of Sorceresses (Keira Metz, who you'll meet in Wild Hunt, is also a member). The Lodge is a group of powerful female mages who decided to mess in the political landscape. The revelation of their direct hand causes a witch hunt involving all mages to begin.

Question #4: Did you save Síle de Tansarville or let her die?

So, thanks to the above questions, you know Síle de Tansarville is evil. But does she deserve to die horribly? At some point, she tries to make her escape using a megascope, a magical device that allows for teleportation. The thing is, Letho has sabotaged the device, as Sile realizes in mid-teleport. Geralt can choose to correct the defect and save her, at which point she tells Geralt where Yennefer may be and escapes. Alternatively, he can watch her get blown to bits.

Go where your heart takes you.

Question #5: Did you kill or spare Letho?

Letho is the man who kicked off the entire storyarc of the Witcher II by killing King Foltest. Thing is, he's just a hired gun and if you choose not to save Triss, Letho does it for you. Letho was actually on a mission from the Nilfgaardian Empire to sow discontent in the North. Working with the Lodge of Sorceresses was just a means to an end. Nilfgaard is the real bad guy, Letho was just the smoking gun.

At the end of the Witcher II, after lengthy conversation with Letho, you can choose to duel him or let him go. He's not evil, but I know the "I was just following orders" mantra may anger some people. Once again, it's up to you.

And with that, you're able to dig into The Witcher III: Wild Hunt without problem!

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