Vesemir Will Star in the Anime Witcher Movie on Netflix

Vesemir Will Star in the Anime Witcher Movie on Netflix

The Law of Surprise strikes again.

An animated movie taking place in The Witcher world was revealed earlier this year, but now we have one new intriguing detail about the movie. Vesemir, prestigious mentor of Geralt of Rivia, will star in the animated project.

The announcement comes through The Witcher - Netflix Twitter account. The movie will act as a prequel to the live action series that debuted in December 2019 to a record-breaking viewership, following Vesemir years before he meets and mentors Geralt in Kaer Morhen.

It looks like we'll get to know Vesemir through an origin story told in the 'Nightmare of the Wolf' animated movie. Yes, this is yet another person in The Witcher world that's claimed through the infamous Law of Surprise, and Vesemir will be claimed through the law by Deglan, an original character for the Netflix iterations of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels.

There's been a lot of speculation recently about who could play Vesemir when the live action series returns for a second season to Netflix in 2021. While Mark Hamill has emerged as something of a fan favorite to take the role, Mads Mikkelsen and Anthony Hopkins are pretty popular actors among fans. Vesemir hasn't been confirmed to appear in the second season of the live action series mind, but it's easy to imagine how the anime movie could set up his introduction.

We don't yet know when Netflix plans to release The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. We do know that the live action series will be returning for season two in 2021, with showrunner Lauren Hissrich and writer Beau DeMayo returning to helm the series.

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