Finally, the Witcher Gets Its Own Coloring Book Complete With Bath Tub Geralt

Finally, the Witcher Gets Its Own Coloring Book Complete With Bath Tub Geralt

Geralt would totally shop at Lush if he were around today.

I have no idea why, but without fail, I always get those dang intensely detailed adult coloring books for Christmas. I always wonder if it's a hint from family members ("You suck at drawing!") or a nudge at my career choice ("Why are you always working? Color inside the lines for a change! Haha.") Nonetheless, I've somehow collected a whole bunch of serious (and not so serious) minded coloring books over the years, and they reside neatly on my coffee table as a result.

Soon though, a coloring book that I actually desire will be well on the way. A Witcher-themed coloring book, to be exact.

The Witcher Adult Coloring Book is a joint collaboration between CD Projekt Red and Dark Horse Comics. The coloring book will be a dense 96 pages, cost a measly $14.99, and will be released on November 1st. The artists featured in the black and white illustrated book include Marianna Strychowska, Yu-Chen Tang, and Scott Wade, with the former-most sketching the cover illustration of Geralt slashing through some resident Drowners.

The Witcher Adult Coloring Book is the latest in a long line of adult coloring books from the comics publisher. In the past, Dark Horse have published mature coloring books for Avatar: The Last Airbender, Halo, Serenity, and many others. The Witcher is just the next in line.

And before you ask, yes, the notorious bathtub image will be prime for the filling with color. Who knows, maybe you can even be a little creative with the image and sketch a Geralt experimenting with bath bombs from Lush, coloring in a disorienting array of colors in the circular tub. Also included in Dark Horse's blog previewing and announcing the book include Geralt tugging an extremely stubborn Roach. Typical, typical Roach.

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