The Witness Dev Shows Off Next Game Prototype

Jonathan Blow is already working on his next title.

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At today's RebootDevelop conference, Braid and The Witness creator Jonathan Blow gave a short look at a prototype for his next game. Blow was at the event for his talk, "Making Game Programming Less Terrible". During the talk, he showed off the prototype to attendees.

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"The first thing I will do is a demo of what I've been working on, mostly for the past few months. This is a work-in-progress. It's a nice little grid-based game. You've got a guy who can run around and push blocks. This is the one level we have that looks good enough to show."

There's no timetable for this game's release as it's obviously very early. Blow mentions that his current engine pulls from the work he previously did for The Witness. He also states that there's around 25 hours worth of single-player content planned for the game.

We're not sure what the final product will be, but it does look and sound like it might be less in-depth and esoteric than The Witness.

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  • Avatar for Mixingmetaphorsoup #1 Mixingmetaphorsoup 10 months ago
    I would say I'm excited to see what Blow does next, and I do definitely like his storytelling and I think he's a genius when it comes to puzzles design, but I'm just too stupid to really enjoy his games.
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  • Avatar for matt-b #2 matt-b 10 months ago
    @Mixingmetaphorsoup Braid was pretty accessible but The Witness made me want to be playing something else that was more that's what I did.
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