There's a Comic For Sekiro's Hanbei the Undying

There's a Comic For Sekiro's Hanbei the Undying

The Undying Warrior gets his time in the spotlight.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice features one intriguing side character that can never die, no matter how many times you impale him. Hanbei the Undying played a small role in From Software's game, but now he's getting his own comic.

The comic, called Sekiro: Side Story of Hanbei the Undying, will launch next month in February. Hanbei was a living practice dummy in Sekiro, a character that welcomed you practicing combat moves on him as many times as you wanted, since he literally couldn't die.

This comic is actually a final, collected version of an ongoing project. The comics have been releasing steadily for the better part of a year now in Japan, supervised by From Software. Although they haven't been translated into English, you can read a fan translation of the comic just below.

It's pretty safe to assume the comic will follow Hanbei before the events of Shadows Die Twice. Hanbei's story definitely reaches a conclusion if you see out his side story in the main hub area of Sekiro, and it's one of the more memorable aspects of From Software's game.

Recently at Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was completed in less than half an hour. You can watch the insane speedrun for the charity event just below.

Sekiro was the recipient of the main Game of the Year award in December 2019 at The Game Awards in L.A. From Software's game also took home the Best Action-Adventure Game at the awards ceremony.

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