There's a Good Boy in Mario Odyssey Who Wants to Help You

There's a Good Boy in Mario Odyssey Who Wants to Help You

He'll be your 1-UP Shibe.

The other day, I rattled off some questions I have about Super Mario Odyssey. I wondered why this game, where Mario travels to fantastic worlds inspired in part by real-world locales, only features one dog breed: Japan's Shiba Inu.

Maybe I'm not being fair to Super Mario Odyssey's little hat-wearing Shibe. He's a good dog. I say "he," even though I don't know if we're dealing with a pack of Shiba Inu scattered across Mario Odyssey's worlds, or just one Shiba Inu capable of bending space and warping time to go wherever Mario needs him to be.

Mario Odyssey's Shiba Tribe is a force for good. If you approach a Shiba and he bounds away, follow him: He's about to guide you on a spiritual journey to find yourself. The journey typically lasts between 10 and 30 seconds, but the rewards are rich: Coins and Power Moons can be yours. You just need to trust the Shibe to lead you well.

Always follow dogs in video games. They know stuff. This tradition goes back to Dragon Warrior II, where a dog in a fishing village leads you to a valuable gold key. You can also follow dogs in the real world if you want, but they're less likely to lead you to valuables. 99% of the time they want you to check out a dead squirrel or the chewed-up pieces of a tennis ball they barfed up behind a bush.

Good luck as you fritter away the last few work hours standing between you and Super Mario Odyssey.

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Nadia Oxford

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