There's a New Hitman TV Show Coming to Hulu From the Creator of John Wick

There's a New Hitman TV Show Coming to Hulu From the Creator of John Wick

Third time's the charm.

Once again there's going to be another live-action Hitman adaptation. Unlike 2007's Hitman film, or 2015's Hitman: Agent 47, the planned Hitman adaptation will be for a new TV series on Hulu. What's more is the fact that John Wick creator, Derek Kolstad, will be writing the pilot for the series.

The news comes from Deadline which reported that Fox 21 and Hulu have decided to team up for an original Hitman television series. Kolstad will serve as an executive producer for the Hitman show which Fox 21 hopes to be a new "flagship" series for the company.

Hopefully the new show will be better than the two previous films.

IO Interactive, who developed the Hitman franchise, have recently gone independent from former parent company, Square Enix. The company recently released a Hitman: Game of the Year Edition which compiles the content from IO's episodic Hitman Season One. IO Interactive is currently working on a follow-up season.

Fox previously released a 2007 live action film simply titled Hitman that starred Justified's Timothy Olyphant. A reboot was later released in 2015 with a new cast, but neither films proved to be viable franchise starters. Hopefully with the creative talent of Kolstad, who has launched an excellent action franchise with John Wick, Agent 47 can become the action star he deserves with the new Hulu series.

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