There's a Titanfall Mod for Minecraft

There's a Titanfall Mod for Minecraft

Amusingly, it supports more players than Titanfall does.

The nice thing about the modern, mod-friendly PC gaming scene is that it occasionally leads to interesting mashups between seemingly unrelated titles. Sometimes these work well, sometimes they don't, but they're usually enjoyable to investigate, at least.

The latest mashup vying for your attention is Ironfall, a mod for Minecraft that sees two teams of 8 players each battling against one another and occasionally dropping in an Iron Golem to raise havoc. Sound familiar? Yes, of course it does; it's a not-terribly-subtle nod to Respawn's recent shooter Titanfall -- though, amusingly, the 8v8 action exceeds the occasionally criticized low (6v6) player count for Respawn's title.

So far, there's only one map in Ironfall, dubbed Rise and based on the Titanfall map of the same name. At present, the only game mode is Attrition. Similar to the Titanfall mode of the same name, this awards points to players for killing enemy Golems (Titans) and pilots, though unlike Titanfall it doesn't look as if there are AI creeps wandering the map for additional scoring possibilities at present. The game also limits the action to no more than four Golems in play at any one time, whereas in Titanfall it's possible for every member of both teams to be stomping around in their oversized Transformers cosplay at the same time.

Ironfall presently includes a double-jump facility similar to that seen in Titanfall, but no parkour-style wallrunning as yet. New types of golem, new gamemodes and other additions are reportedly coming to the game "soon."

You can check out some screenshots of the first version here, and you can play on The Chunk. Since Ironfall, like The Chunk's other Minecraft-based games, is a custom-designed mod, you can't download it and apply it to your own server at this time, however.

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