There's a Treat Inside the Super Mario Odyssey Game Case

There's a Treat Inside the Super Mario Odyssey Game Case

There's no power-up like dancing.

E3 2017 was our first indication Super Mario Odyssey is a real stand-out game. Not every Mario title is unveiled against a big band performance, but Super Mario Odyssey's preview pulled out all the stops—and it recruited the voice of Pauline, a Mario damsel who doesn't get to see much screentime.

The song Pauline sings in the trailer, "Jump Up, Super Star," is unspeakably catchy. I've been singing it on-and-off since first hearing it. It doesn't go well because I'm an alto and Pauline is not, but that upbeat tune is impossible to ignore.

However, did you know the trailer only features about half the song? Jump Up, Super Star is lengthy. You get to hear the whole song within the game. If you want to sing along but you don't know all the words, don't fear, don't shed a tear. The game case for Super Mario Odyssey has the lyrics for the song printed on its inside.

I have a digital copy of the game, so no lyrics for me. Not that I can complain; getting to review the game means I played it several days before everyone else. Still got to admit that insert gives the Super Mario Odyssey game case a nice touch of class, though. That Pauline. What a dame.

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