There's Futility, and Then There's Twitch Plays Dark Souls

There's Futility, and Then There's Twitch Plays Dark Souls

Can a chat room reach the end of this infamously difficult RPG? (Note: rhetorical question.)

It's been about a year and a half since Twitch Plays Pokemon grabbed our attention via what can only be called "crowdplaying." Now, the phenomenon has moved to a much more formidible challenge: Dark Souls.

If you're not familiar with the Twitch Plays setup, here's how it works: The chosen game is streamed to a captive audience, who can "control" it via typing commands into the standard Twitch chatroom. Obviously, hundreds of people simultaneously struggling to take control of a video game (via a slightly delayed stream) leads to some pretty chaotic and hilarious situations, though Twitch did managed to finish Pokemon Red after 16 days—netting an impressive 55 million views as a result.

Of course, Dark Souls is a different story altogether. Twitch reaching the end of Pokemon Red stands as a pretty amazing feat, but let's not forget this classic Nintendo RPG has grid-based movement, turn-based combat, and a classic RPG structure that rewards invested time. Dark Souls makes for a much different beast, and, after 18 hours of play (as of this writing), Twitch chat is currently somersaulting through the aqueduct leading to the game's first real level. Reaching the end will be nothing short of a miracle, though it's hard to imagine Twitch chat even coming close to besting the infamous Anor Londo archers at Dark Souls' halfway point. (Even after 100-plus hours of experience, it still takes me a few tries.)

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysDark on

If you'd like to keep tabs on the madness as it unfolds, check out the official Twitch Plays Dark Souls channel, or watch the video embedded in this page. And—oh yeah, praise the sun and all that. Not like it'll help...

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