There's Something Fishy About Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Sleazy Wall Market

There's Something Fishy About Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Sleazy Wall Market

Wall Market is holding on to all kinds of secrets, including a big one that wasn't in the original game.

The launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is about three weeks away, but Square Enix still has many sights to show us. Yesterday, the official Remake blog posted more information about the places we'll go and the characters we'll meet, with a special emphasis on Wall Market, Midgar's infamous den of sin and vice.

Wall Market is a major locale in Final Fantasy 7 vanilla, and it looks like it's an extremely important setting in Remake. There's seemingly also a lot more to do this time, and some the additions are surprising. The blog introduces us to "Chocobo Sam," a Chocobo wrangler who lives in Wall Market and runs a delivery service. Does Sam's presence and profession mean Chocobos will be ridable in the walls of Midgar? That would be a major change from the original Final Fantasy 7, which doesn't let you ride Chocobos until you're out in the world map. Of course, there's no reason to ride Chocobos in Midgar because there's not a lot of distance between one story checkpoint and another.

If riding Chocoback is an option in Remake, it's a good indication that Midgar is indeed as huge as Square Enix promises. It might be a little strange to ride a big bird through the polluted streets, but if cops in real-life cities ride horses on patrol, there's no reason urban Chocobos can't exist. Their poor lungs are probably blacker than the Meteor materia, though.

Something else to look out for in Remake is the Honey Bee Inn (we're sure you won't be able to miss it) and its sleek, sexy proprietor, Andrea Rhodea. We've seen Rhodea in previous trailers for Remake, though this is the first time we've seen a name. Apparently, he helps select the ladies who can audition as a potential "wife" for Wall Market's king, Don Corneo. That would explain why we've seen Rhodea help make Cloud glamorous for the Don in previous trailers.

Remake's iteration of Wall Market also gives us the "Corneo Colosseum," an underground fight club that lets you test your mettle against man and beast. Final Fantasy 7 vanilla already has a Colosseum in the Gold Saucer, but the Gold Saucer won't be accessible in the first part of Remake. Looks like Square Enix is letting us get in some bloodsport early in our journey.

Part One of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has its own Colosseum, seen here. | Square Enix

Finally, here's a particularly intriguing tidbit: According to Square Enix's blog, Wall Market in Remake is "built on the ruins of the collapsed Sector 6 plate." Wall Market is under the plate in the original Final Fantasy 7, and though Shinra does indeed send part of the plate crashing down in hopes of crushing the Avalanche resistance group, it's Sector 7 that gets squashed.

If you look at the intro for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can see one "slice" of the Midgar plate is missing. Apparently Sector 6 came crashing down before the events of the game even started.

What happened? We'll find out on April 10, when Final Fantasy 7 Remake comes to PlayStation 4. Take a look at our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide in the meantime.

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