There's Still More Weirdness (and Lea Seydoux) in Death Stranding's E3 Gameplay Trailer

At least we have gameplay!

News by Matt Kim, .

We finally saw something that resembles in-game footage of Death Stranding at tonight's Sony E3 press conference, and this time French actress Lea Seydoux joins Norman Reedus as a new character in Hideo Kojima's blockbuster game.

The trailer begins with Norman Reedus' character, named Sam in the game, describing himself as a delivery man and trekking across the highlands with various different packages (including one that looks like a human body). Sam is ferrying these packages across different terrains before pulling out a gun. And then the weirdness starts happening. You can see the new trailer below.

Lea Seydoux's mysterious character says some cryptic things and then the invisible monsters from the last Death Stranding trailer make an appearance before turning away again.

The gameplay in the trailer appears to show off some stealth elements as Reedus tries to sneak away from the monsters, but alas the trailer ends with his character being taken down by some strange monsters.

So basically, we're still not hundred percent sure what's happening in Death Stranding, but it is cool as hell. For more on Sony's press conference check out our full E3 2018 guide or our Death Stranding guide as we try to unravel its mysteries.

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  • Avatar for Sturat #1 Sturat 13 days ago
    I'm getting some serious Breath of the Wild vibes from this. I would love to play another game like BotW, especially if it is shorter, with more set pieces and variety.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #2 riderkicker 13 days ago
    Lea Seydoux and the Baby Machine were the least surprising things about this trailer.
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  • Avatar for Nicholas42 #3 Nicholas42 13 days ago
    The production house worked very well and director too put in a lot of hardwork and dedicated himself for this project. The results were exceptional and it seems it couldn't be made any better. will give you a glimpse of what they went through for its production.
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