These God of War Beers Are Fit for the Divines

These God of War Beers Are Fit for the Divines

Even after they pass through your kidneys, they'll still be as ambrosia.

Most gods enjoy sipping on ambrosia, but for Kratos, there is only beer. Cory Barlog, a writer and director for the God of War series, tweeted this compelling line-up of God of War-themed beers. Or as I call them, "Everything I need to wake up on Sunday morning."

Okay. I'm not really a hard drinker. I'm not a fussy drinker, either. I know people who take a sip of a craft beer and then dissect every flavor that washes over their palette. I am not one of those people. For me, any free beer is a good beer. That, and a pint of Rickards Red.

The beers Barlog tweeted were guests at a God of War event in Berlin. Some of the appearing flavors (is that a term you use for beers?) include "Tyr Warrior IPA," "Surtr Smoked Ale," and "Mjolnir Nordic Ale." Norse figures and items meant to reflect the series' move away from Greek myth and towards Nordic myth.

The beer battalion is a lower-key God of War promotion than last month's transformation of an NBA basketball court. God of War is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 20, so there's still lots of time to get drunk and play basketball in Kratos' name. You can get our thoughts on the game by heading to our God of War review.

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