Thief Guide. Chapter 1: Lockdown Walkthrough - How to Find the Combination to the Jeweler's Safe

Here's where you can find out how to enter the jeweler's shop and "borrow" a few of his things.

How to Find the Combination to the Jeweler's Safe

Thieving Challenges

Remain Undetected - 125 G

Extinguish 9 Flames - 100 G

Headshot 4 Threats - 75 G

Lift All Loot Items - 150 G

Objective 1: Head to the Clock Tower

Don't worry about The Watch - you can hear them, but they can't get to you, so you can take as long as you like here. If you can't see anything, use your Focus, which highlights things you should be interacting with. Grab the loot and check out the cabinet. You can use these to hide from guards - but more importantly, you can also use them to save your game automatically when you enter one. Once you're oriented, use the Claw to reach the ladder on the north wall and climb up.

Head north and climb up the wall there, and then drop down to the lower roof on the other side. There are two guards patrolling the street, which you can avoid by dropping down into the alcove to the south. Be patient and wait for the roaming guard to go past, then sneak up behind him and knock him out. To add insult to injury, steal his loot. Now walk towards the house on the north side of the street, go in and wait. There's a guard inside, so wait until he turns his back on you and then take him out. Now snag the Serendi Stone Circles (1/7) - Amethyst Circle from the southwest corner and you're done here.

Move east down the street and turn north into the alley. Clamber over the boxes and sneak up behind the guy inspecting the dead body. Pick his pocket and move on, or knock him out. Either way is fine. Take the three Broadhead Arrows from the table and climb the wall to the north. Drop down the other side and scour the area for loot. Once you've cleared it out, pick the locked gate to enter Stonecutter's Court.

Objective 2: How to find a Way into the Jeweler's Shop

Now it's time to enter the jeweler's shop. But which way? Walk through the front door, and you'll find a guard on the other side. So instead, drop down from your perch, make a u-turn and go into the alley to the east. There are some goodies to be found here, so grab them. Now you can either cross the street at ground level, or you can head toward the south end of the alley and take a tunnel. The ground route is risker, but there's loot to be found. But if you want to take the no-risk, no-reward route, take the subterranean option. Either way you'll end up on the north side of the street, behind the Jeweler's Shop.

Head to the cellar door, and pick the lock. Don't screw it up, otherwise the jeweler will be alerted to your presence.

Objective 3: Steal the Jeweled Mask

When you've gained access, knock the jeweler out. Steal everything in you can, most importantly, grab Lyegrove's Letter from the desk. When you've cleared the place out, go over to the painting in the southwest corner. Feel for the trigger and press it. This lock can't be picked, but the combination is in the letter you just picked up, so use that and take the Unique Loot (2/9) - Lyegrove's Jeweled Mask lurking inside.

Objective 4: Leave via the Upstairs Window

Two more collectibles await you on the main floor. Go upstairs and turn left to where there's a lone guard. He patrols predictably, so wait for him to head south before making your move to take him out. There's tons of loot here, so leave no stone unturned as you clear the place out. Once you've stolen everything, go to the front door. If you turn to face east, you can find Client Loot (1/8) - Jeweled Mask.

Next, hit the northwest room. There's another guard there, but he's snoozing. Which means he's also losing, because you get to knock him cold before he even knows what's going on. Behind him is a safe, so pick the lock and open it up. Inside it The Mortal Coils (1/6) - Sootback Bracelet. That's all the collectible loot in this chapter (excluding documents), so head upstairs when you've picked everything over.

On the top floor, there's another sleeping guard to knock out, and once he's taken care of the only person left is the Jeweler's wife. Knock her out, clear the top floor of loot and then exit through the open window to the north.

Objective 5: Go to the to the Clock Tower

Grab the newspaper as when you drop from the window. Work your way down the street and pry open the window and slip inside. Move through the house and exit to the back alley. There are two guards, but if you duck, you can swoop past them westwards undetected. Tail the next guard through the winding alley, and take cover in the shadows when you hear a woman yelling. As soon as they've finished talking continue to follow the two guards, and clamber up the pipe when it's safe to do so. Follow the walkway north until you reach your objective, ending Chapter 1: Lockdown.

The rest of our Thief guide continues here, and features walkthroughs of every chapter of the game.

By completing this chapter, players will unlock the Lockdown trophy or achievement, depending on what platform you play the game on.

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