Thief Guide: Complete Walkthrough of All Chapters

Thief Guide: Complete Walkthrough of All Chapters

Welcome to our complete Thief guide. It's split into multiple sections that cover every chapter, plus the prologue. If you need help, here's where you can find it.

Looking for help with the new Thief game? If you are, it's hardly surprising – it's one of the deepest single-player games in recent memory. But never fear. Our huge walkthrough has everything you need to complete the game.

Thief has many special items to collect, along with plenty of regular loot to find. Make a habit of checking out the nooks and crannies in each area, because you never know what you might find. Plus loot equals money!

Chapter Index

Prologue: The Drop - How to Keep Up with Erin

Thief starts out with a straightforward prologue that helps teach you the basics of the game.

Chapter 1: Lockdown - How to Find the Combination to the Jeweler's Safe

Now the adventure begins proper as you start to apply your new-found skills. First up is entering the jeweler's shop so you can steal a jeweled mask.

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust - How to Open the General's Strongbox

In this chapter, you're tasked with finding a way into the Foundry so you can locate the Body of Cornelius. Then it's time to steal the ring from the General and open his Strongbox before escaping.

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets - How to Remove the Ritual Book

There's certainly fun to be had here. Enter the House of Blossoms and find the Mysterious Podium, then sneak into the Central Tower so you can remove the Ritual Book. After that, you can escape the Ancient Ruins - but not before making sure you took a peek through all of the peepholes in the brothel. You just never know what you might see.

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need - The Combination to the Great Safe

Now it’s time to find Jacob in Greystone Plaza. After that, the journey continues to the Architect's Grand House, where you need to search the study for the Keep Plans. Using those, you'll be able to get inside the Keep, and then find and open the great safe.

Chapter 5: The Forsaken - How to Kill the Freaks

One of Thief's more dangerous chapters sends you into the Freak-filled asylum, where you need to search for the Asylum records, start the Power Generator and the locate Erin's Holding Cell.

Chapter 6: A Man Apart - How to Steal the Primal Stone Fragment

Having survived the Freaks, the action moves to the Baron's Mansion, where you need to locate the passage to the Baron's Laboratory, acquire the Primal Stone fragment and escape

Chapter 7 : The Hidden City - How to Beat the Boss Fight: Thief-Taker General

In this chapter, you take on the Thief-Taker General. That involves going to the Cathedral in Old Quarter, and working out how to get up to the Graven City so you can enter the Rotunda and confront the boss.

Chapter 8: The Dawn's Light - How to Beat Final Boss: Primal Erin

Thief's epic adventure concludes here. Figure out where Orion has taken Erin, and then steal the Primal Energy from her. Of course, she won't be too happy about that, so there's only one way to sort it out. And you can bet it doesn't involve sitting down for some lovely afternoon tea and cupcakes.

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