Three Things You Might Have Missed During Bungie's Destiny 2 Presentation

Three Things You Might Have Missed During Bungie's Destiny 2 Presentation

Here's a couple extra details for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is finally here and there is a lot to unpack from the nearly hour and half presentation Bungie delivered in Los Angeles today. New story, new gameplay details, and new planets were all showcased today. Here are a couple interesting details that didnt' get as much attention.

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The Speaker, Destiny

Where is the Speaker?

Amidst the chaos of the Red Legion invasion on the tower, Ikora reveals that the Speaker is missing. Heading towards the plaza where The Speaker's library resides, the player soon discovers the entire area engulfed in flames, and Ikora rushing towards a Cabal warship to avenge the fallen Speaker. Either The Speaker was really killed in the Cabal invasion, or he will end up playing a much bigger part in the story for Destiny 2 later on. Considering that Bungie is heavily pushing the Destiny NPC characters into the forefront of the story like they were in the Taken King and Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny 1, I wouldn't be surprised if The Speaker ended up making a big play in the campaign. Either that or actor Bill Nighy didn't want to reprise his role for Bungie.

Missing sub-classes

Each class in Destiny–whether they were a Titan, Warlock, or Hunter–also came with some additional sub-classes for added abilities. As per the news today, new sub-classes will make their debut in Destiny 2. Titans can become Sentinels and summon a weaponize shield, Warlocks can unlock the Dawnblade and produce a flaming energy sword, while Hunters can unlock the Arcstrider subclass and wield a staff with acrobatic dexterity.

However, these sub-classes originally took the form of three damage types: Arc, Solar, and Void. The new subclasses in Destiny 2 follow these classifications, which if rumors are true, means that certain subclasses from the first game will be replaced by the new ones. Three subclasses from Destiny 1, Bladedancer for Hunters, Sunsinger for Warlocks, and Defender for titans, appear to be replaced by the new Destiny 2 subclasses. So if you favored any of those three sub-classes, hopefully their Destiny 2 replacements will be a good enough replacement for your future Guardians.

The Cabal in Destiny 2

The Cabal

The big bads in Destiny 2 (at least for the game's first major campaign) was revealed the be the Red Legion, a Cabal sect led by Primus Ghaul. In the Destiny universe, the Cabal are an armored warrior race that style themselves after a kind of Roman Empire.

Astute fans of the first Destiny have been talking for months that the Cabal would play a much bigger role in Destiny 2, partly because of how relatively little players saw of them in the first game. In particular some fans have cited the mission "An Outbound Signal" from the first game as the first sign of a Cabal uprising as the mission ends with the Cabal contacting their empire, which presumably sets up the rise of the Red Legion.

Did you catch some hidden easter eggs in the Destiny 2 presentation today? For more Destiny 2 news check out Everything We Know about the game in our Destiny 2 hub.

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