This Battlefield 2 Mod Makes The Original Look Bad

As one commentor put it, "Battlefield 2 is what boys play. [Project Reality] .. is what men play."

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The list of features either reads like a 14-year old's secret letter to Santa or an ode to the hardcore FPS player. I can't decide which. But, that doesn't really matter. What matters is that Project Reality is, after eight years of development, finally going to be out (it releases on the 2nd of August) and it wants to take away your crosshairs and give you the cold hard realism of digitized war instead.

One of the major things about Project Reality is that they've done away with a lot of the 'vanilla' elements from Battlefield 2. Cross hairs, as I've mentioned, are gone. They've also taken out long range name tags, enemy name tags, hit & kill indications, health bars, ammo bars and infantry minimap. Players won't spawn on flags or squad leaders either; they'll need to use deployable rally points and player-built forward outposts. And that whole being-able-to-see-infantry-and-vehicles-via-Q-Commo-Rose? Gone. All gone.

Deployable assets make it possible for squads to build defenses and make use of machine-gun nests. Soldier classes have been modified to include more realistic equipment, and the ability to bleed voluminously to death. There are seven custom game modes, 40 different maps, fourteen playable factions, a whole bunch of new vehicles and weapons, all sorts of custom-tailored original art assets, laser-guided missiles and a score of other spectacular improvements.

As nauseatingly awesome as all this might sound, Project Reality is far from complete just yet. v1.0 is out, yes, but doesn't mean an end to the madness. The developers say that they'll keep on going, possibly for years to come, so long as a strong community remains standing behind them.

If you've got a copy of Battlefield 2 lying around and have been looking for an excuse to fire it up again, this is what you've been waiting for. Re-install the game. Get some friends. Preload the mod. When Friday rolls around, it'll be time to take to the battlefield.

Official site here.

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  • Avatar for Daikaiju #1 Daikaiju 4 years ago
    Almost makes me want to try an FPS. Almost...
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #2 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @Daikaiju You've never played an FPS? Ever? o_o If it helps, it looks like the mod is focused on team-based conduct instead of crazy 'lone wolf' stratagems.
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  • Avatar for Bla1ne #3 Bla1ne 4 years ago
    I love all those changes they made. If only I was a PC gamer... I'm completely unequipped to game on PC, which is why I stick to consoles. But it's games (mods) like these that make me want to play on PC sometimes (I loathe the "coddle-the masses and the noobs" approach that console shooters have).
    @Daikaiju If you've never played an FPS, I don't think this'd be the place to start! For one, the learning curve would be through the roof. And second, from the sounds of it, it would absolutely spoil you for any other shooter, pretty much ever!Edited July 2013 by Bla1ne
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  • Avatar for helpfulmole #4 helpfulmole 4 years ago
    Looks neat.
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  • Avatar for Jonny5Alive7 #5 Jonny5Alive7 4 years ago
    I think it sounds as though they have gone too far towards realism. Most games need a touch of unrealistic to make them fun.

    PR sounds good in theory but could be very frustrating to play when you get shot from nowhere.
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  • Avatar for Daikaiju #6 Daikaiju 4 years ago
    @cassandrakhaw Well to be more specific, a military style FPS. I have played some of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series and TF2.
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