This Footage of Six Magikarp Flopping Around a Pokemon Sword and Shield Camp is Cursed but Beautiful

This Footage of Six Magikarp Flopping Around a Pokemon Sword and Shield Camp is Cursed but Beautiful

Cor blimey, six mad Magikarp!

Three cheers for Magikarp. Pokemon's perpetually gaping koi is a rallying symbol for everything that's useless in the world, but it's also representative to the heights you can reach if you keep on fighting. Go on and laugh at Magikarp's feebleness; it's used to the mockery. When it evolves into Gyarados, it'll just peel your face off with its fangs. What? No, we didn't say anything. You're imagining things.

The only thing more pathetic than Magikarp is six Magikarp camping in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Redditor "Katacaz" posted a video of a half-dozen Magikarp chasing a ball around a campground. Hilariously, the Magikarp are clearly capable of floating upright—that's how most fish Pokemon move around when they come ashore—but they insist on flopping around when the effort to remain upright apparently becomes unbearable. Godspeed, you weird fish.

It turns out populating a campsite with a single species of Pokemon is a good way to give yourself the heebee-jeebies. Take this camp full of Galarian Mr. Mimes, for example. No, take it. I insist. I'm still trying to describe the weird dance they're conducting across the tundra. It's like they took half a class on Riverdancing and half a class on tap dancing and just mooshed the two styles together. Whatever you want to call it, it makes me want to disassociate from my humanity and commit murder.

Pokemon Sword and Shield, however, isn't cursed. It's a good game, and a great Switch debut for the mainline Pokemon series. If you're currently hiking across the Galar region yourself, you might want to check out our guide on where you can find all of Pokemon Sword and Shield's TR and TM moves. You should also look at our guide on how to answer Opal's questions correctly, since that woman is merciless.

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