This God of War "Boy" Song Made From In-Game Sounds is Ambrosia for Your Weary Soul

This God of War "Boy" Song Made From In-Game Sounds is Ambrosia for Your Weary Soul

"Listen to the song, Boy."

A musician with a particular penchant for remixes isolated Kratos' myriad "Boy" growls from God of War and turned it into a catchy tune. Why the heck not? I mean, I've pointed out before that Kratos and Atreus are essentially on a road trip in God of War, even if they lack a car. But "no car" is never an excuse for "no sick beats," so here we are: "Boy of War."

Boy of War was cobbled together by LittleBigFatBoi, who has a couple more remixes to his name. The beat is comprised entirely of in-game sounds and dialogue. "[A friend] told me if you tap the square button in the [God of War] menu you can make a beat out of it," LittleBigFatBoi writes. "So I went and did it and thought you know what, imma make a song using just in game sounds."

And that's exactly what we have here: A God of War song made entirely out of God of War sound effects. Do not attempt to replicate LittleBigFatBoi's effort, as you might cause the universe to fold in on itself. Instead, godlike absorb wisdom and power with our God of War guides.

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