This GTA 5 Dragon Ball Z Goku mod is Incredible. Just Saiyan.

This GTA 5 Dragon Ball Z Goku mod is Incredible. Just Saiyan.

Here's what Earth might look like if Goku wasn't bopped on the noggin as a baby.

The JulioNIB Team has an impressive repertoire of mods under its belt (mostly for Grand Theft Auto V), but its latest script is literally out of this world. It lets you bust up Los Santos as Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

This mod doesn't just pop a skin of the air-headed Saiyan on your player character, either. It lets you do everything Goku can: Fly, shoot energy blasts, teleport, and throw heavy vehicles like children's toys.

("But can you go Super Saiyan?") Can you ever. You can also go Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4, though the latter form doesn't appear to come with its distinctive red fur and monkey tail. When Goku ascends, debris flies around his powered-up form.

JulioNIB Team published a video of the mod in action. There are some imperfections; people appear to glitch out a bit when Goku plucks them from the ground like the feeble insects they are. Then again, they might just be trembling hard enough to vibrate into the next dimension. I would, too.

Get a load of the cops attempting to call for backup. Oh, honey. Oh, honey, no. Save your last breaths for a prayer to your impotent non-Saiyan god.

You need to be a $2+ Patron of JulioNIB Team to download the script that lets you take Goku on a hellish tempter tantrum through downtown Los Santos. Note the script doesn't include Goku's model. You can download that for free elsewhere.

If you'd rather let Goku bash things on his own turf, hey, Dragon Ball FighterZ is pretty great, and it still has content coming.

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