This Incredible FIFA 19 Goal Highlights an Emerging Problem

There are far too many bicycle kick goals in FIFA 19. Everyone is doing them.

FIFA 19 is now out to everyone who bought the Champions or Ultimate Edition of the game, and has been available for EA Access and EA Origin Access since last week. There have already been some amazing goals scored, but the one just below might be the best I've seen. The problem is, this goal highlights an emerging trend in FIFA 19.

No matter how you look at it, that goal (spotted on Reddit) is pretty special. The defending isn't great, but you can't argue that a ball flick to backheel cross, followed by an overhead kick into the net isn't a bit spectacular. Sadly, overhead kicks are everywhere in FIFA 19, so much so that they are losing their magic. And that ball flick, well... play a game of FIFA 19 against a real person online and chances are you'll see them attempt that flick over and over again.

Hopefully the flick's popularity will die down as players move beyond the experimentation stage of FIFA 19, but that bicycle kick might be a problem. Performing moves like that should be a special moment, not the norm, so this is one area of FIFA 19 I'd like EA to address in an upcoming patch.

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