This is the Perfect Mario Halloween Art Display

This is the Perfect Mario Halloween Art Display

"Let's-a get spooky!"

It's the first day of Halloween, though the outdated Gregorian calendar unfortunately insists on referring to today as "October 1." Whatever you want to call this blessed day, you must live by a single rule: Get Down and Get Spooky. A grocery store frequented by a redditor has the right idea. It assembled a Super Mario World Boo sprite out of pop cartons.

"Saw this at the local grocery store today," redditor "marioman63" posted on the Gaming subreddit with a shot of the merchandiser's work. Gosh, the jokes I can trot out, here. "Now this is what I call 'box art!'" Or how about, "Wow, this is some great Sprite art!"… Nah. I'll spare you all this time.

Image credit: marioman63 (reddit)

If you're not familiar with this breed of Boo, it's one of several types that show up in Super Mario World's Ghost Houses. It's a little more fearless than some of the Boo subspecies: If Mario looks directly at it, it'll stop in its tracks (as is a Boo's nature), but it doesn't cover its eyes like most subspecies. It just stares defiantly at Mario with its mouth tightly closed. As soon as Mario turns his back, however, Boo comes sailing after him with its maw wide open for blood. Exactly how it appears in this grocery store display, incidentally.

It's not too unusual to see merchandisers make sprite art—primarily 8- and-16-bit sprite art—out of soft drink boxes. That said, I've never seen any such art in person. I hope an artistic soul is tasked with re-stocking shelves at my local grocery store real soon.

Oh, and shout out to the first comment on marioman63's post: "Now go put a pack of Royal Crown Cola on top of it." (Courtesy of "amanabomb"). Geddit?

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