This is What a Resident Evil 2 Remake Might Look Like

Ever wished Resident Evil 2 played more like Resident Evil 4? Take a look at these demo videos.

Resident Evil 2 was a great game, but it's hard to go back to these days.

It hailed from an era before analog sticks were widespread: a dark time of fixed camera angles and the notorious "tank controls" -- characters who moved not in the way we are used to today (i.e. by simply pushing a direction and them going that way) but instead through having to rotate them to face a particular way and then walk forward. With a bit of time, it's possible to adjust back to this way of doing things, but it's not easy.

Wouldn't it be lovely, then, if it was possible to play Resident Evil 2 in a distinctly more "modern" manner? Perhaps in a way that was a bit closer to, say, Resident Evil 4, regarded by many fans as the series' pinnacle?

To those of you who answered "yes" to the above questions, I present to you the hard work of programmer Rod Lima.

Sorry about that, babe.

Regrettably, Lima's remake videos aren't from a full-on remake of Resident Evil 2; they're instead more of a proof of concept and a means through which Lima was testing a script he'd written; he presently has no intention of building them into a full game.

The remake was built through a combination of the Unreal Development Kit software and assets from the Wii version of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, an on-rails shooter that, among other things, revisited the events of Resident Evil 2 with more modern graphics. As an on-rails shooter, however, Darkside Chronicles didn't allow the freedom of movement seen in Lima's demo; it instead forced the player down a predefined path a la the lightgun games of yore.

"I'm not planning on doing a Resident Evil 2 remake," writes Lima in the YouTube videos' descriptions. "I made this to see some code actually working, not only in theory. And as the result was good, I decided to do a video. Just that. I'm not planning on do something big, but it is fun to walk around in Raccoon City RE4-style."

I'd play it. Capcom, are you watching?

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