This is What Overwatch Looks Like as a JRPG

This is What Overwatch Looks Like as a JRPG

Our shonen hero, McCree

There's no shortage of cool creative things inspired by Blizzard's Overwatch on the internet. From fan art, cosplay, to webcomics, Overwatch is a spring of creativity. This new video on YouTube is no different, as the game is reimagined from a competitive FPS to a turn-based RPG.

Normally, Overwatch is a team-based strategic shooter where characters take up either an offense, defense, tank, or support role in order to work together towards completing an objective. The Salt Factory, a YouTube channel, asks, "but what if Overwatch was more like a classic Final Fantasy game?" Enter the channel's YouTube video which wonderfully edits Overwatch in the RPG mold.

The video begins on Route 66 serving as the overworld with McCree chosen as the player character. Before embarking on his journey, he cycles through his item screen which is taken straight from Final Fantasy. I like how there are multiple party configurations to choose from in the fictional load screen. This party just happens to include Bastion, Mercy, and Reinhardt.

As McCree ventures out on Route 66, he eventually comes into a random encounter with an enemy Roadhog. At that point the traditional screen transition occurs and McCree's party is up against Roadhog complete with stat bar, attack screens, and hit point counters. The whole thing is pretty crafty with little flourishes like how The Salt Factory translates some of the Overwatch attacks into turn-based moves.

Maybe this video will inspire an Overwatch spinoff game that won't be an FPS, maybe on mobile perhaps?

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