This Live Action Trailer for a Switch Indie Game Is Weird, but Also Wonderful

This Live Action Trailer for a Switch Indie Game Is Weird, but Also Wonderful

Muddledash puts on a second skin and tears through city streets in hopes that you'll look in its direction.

Let's say you're an indie developer and you've spent a not-small sum making your dream game about octopi fighting over a gift box. How can you possibly market your finished game without depleting your personal funds further? You go online and order a bunch of Zentai suits and run amok in the streets. That is what you do.

Slampunks went the "thoroughly weird" route with its promotion for Muddledash, a four-player party game about tentacled party-goers wrestling over a single gift. The object of Muddledash is to chase your compatriots across uneven terrain and hazards while carrying (and losing, and re-acquiring) a single package that's bound for a hot party. Whichever squid presents the package at the party is the winner—though when a party is involved, we're all winners. Right? Well, unless the party busts out a clown.

Muddledash's high-speed live footage interspersed with footage of the game in action makes for a trailer that's bizarre and cheesy, but undeniably unforgettable. Despite the low production values, it didn't take me any time to grok what the game's about. Good job, Slampunks! You got your money's worth out of those second skin suits!

Muddledash is out now for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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