This PlayStation Cake is Too Cool to Eat (But That Wouldn't Stop Us)

Now we just need someone to make a cake of Polygon Man.

"U R Not Red E…" to eat this amazing PlayStation cake a redditor's wife made for a friend's son. Though delicious-looking, the cake's clean lettering and sharp corners are compelling to just stare at. Once you cut into all that fondant and frosting, the spell is broken.

Redditor "cormacscanlan" posted the picture of the PlayStation cake on the r/Gaming subreddit yesterday. The white fondant is covered evenly with the shapes that define the PlayStation and its controller (circle, X, square, and triangle), and the black PlayStation logo is placed neatly on the cake's top and bottom layers. Even the "Happy Birthday, Tobi," is written in the PlayStation font.

It's all very neat and structured. Much as I love to see cakes based on Nintendo's mascots, this makes a very stylish change from the riot of colors and clutter we usually see constructed for kids' birthday parties. Also, digging into a PlayStation cake would surely make me feel less uneasy than plunging my knife into the guts of a Jigglypuff cake. Maybe Sony can commission another one when it finally gets around to releasing the PlayStation 5.

Though the cake's baker performed fondant magic, some redditors in the thread can't help but point out how much hate the sugar-leather receives. Granted, it's far easier to work with than traditional buttercream frosting, but not nearly as tasty. Did you know there's an r/FondantHate subreddit?

Finally, while I again tip my hat to the neat placement of the squares, circles, and triangles on this cake, the colored shapes on top of the white backdrop reminds me of the special cake Marge baked for Homer "to ruin" so he'd stop putting his fingers all over Maggie's birthday cake.

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