This Twitter Bot Will Help You Never Miss A Single SplatNet Deal in Splatoon 2

This Twitter Bot Will Help You Never Miss A Single SplatNet Deal in Splatoon 2

Thank you, programmed Twitter bot.

Twitter bots make the world go 'round. Sometimes they're programmed to generate art that brings light to any follower's day, such as this homage to the late and great Bob Ross. And now, a Twitter bot is serving up a new dish: the gift of SplatNet 2 deals for Splatoon 2, updated on the regular.

Programmed by a person named Chris, also known as Salax_ on Reddit, SplatNetStore is fittingly a bot that posts the hottest deals available on the clunky, Nintendo Switch Online app. It's an app that, honestly, has its best feature rooted in the exclusive, ever-rotating gear available throughout the day and not in its core purpose: voice chat. All the deals are timed, which is precisely where SplatNetStore steps in.

Timed deals are often the easiest to miss. SplatNetStore, however, tweets out the app's deals the moment they go live, alongside a hashtag noting the slots available for the fashionable accessory. Some may have two ability slots, honored by a "#2AbilitySlots," and so on. The bot is handy for if you're constantly on the lookout for new squid kid gear but don't have the patience to load up the app multiple times in a single day. With the bot, now there's an easy way to see if it's worth springing a purchase.

If you're keen on SplatNet 2 sales, you can follow the SplatNetStore bot on Twitter for frequent updates.

Caty McCarthy

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