This Week on Retronauts, We Ask: "What is A Man?"

This Week on Retronauts, We Ask: "What is A Man?"

We hope to find the answer in Castlevania's Dracula X duology, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Are our words as empty as our souls?

I could write something meaningful and pithy here — perhaps a personal anecdote about the video games we discuss on this latest episode of Retronauts, or perhaps some effusive praise for special guest Dan Adelman, who has become a personal hero to me for helping shepherd the excellent Axiom Verge to release — or... I could just fill this news post with a lot of Symphony of the Night dialogue.

I don't really think that would be fair to Symphony of the Night, though. Like so many games of the mid ’90s, Symphony's awful, scenery-chewing, English-language voice acting belies a truly sublime video game experience. There's so much more to the game than "DIE MONSTER! YOU DON'T BELONG IN THIS WORLD!" — and we do our best to get into the thick of it within the space of an hour and a half.

But first, we also delve into the game's predecessor, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood. Due to that game's rocky localization legacy, our pod-panel isn't quite as familiar with that entry in the series and our conversation tends to be a bit one-sided for the first half as I sing its praises from high places. (You, of course, can catch up on both games with Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for PSP, which also runs on Vita and is on sale for less than $3 on PSN until this afternoon — hurry and grab it!) But uncertainty about Dracula X aside, we can all agree that Symphony is straight-up wonderful. One of the greatest and most influential games of all time, a glorious farewell to a dying era and the inflection point for a countless array of imitators. Basically: It's so, so good.

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Episode Description

Dan Adelman joins Jeremy and Bob to discuss one of the true treasures of the '90s: The Castlevania series' transformative duology, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Enough talk, have at you!

This, of course, continues our periodic checkins on the Castlevania series: We looked at the NES trilogy a couple of years ago, and I recent recorded a Micro episode on Super Castlevania IV for Super NES. You better believe there's a portable Castlevania episode in the works! In the meantime, though, settle in and enjoy this discussion. It was, in fact, by my hand that it was given flesh. Oops, I did the quote thing.

And if you dig Symphony, definitely check out the projects Dan has helped publish — Axiom Verge and the upcoming Chasm — both of which will scratch your itch for metroidvania now that Konami and Nintendon't dabble in that realm anymore.

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