This Week, Retronauts Hangs (Ninja) Ten

This Week, Retronauts Hangs (Ninja) Ten

Swing into Konami's Game Boy Advance sleeper classic with this in-depth video and podcast exploration of Ninja Five-O.

It's Leap Day! And no one leaps like a ninja. Especially a ninja with a danged grappling hook. As explained in this week's Retronauts Micro, conveniently ensconced here for your viewing pleasure:

And, of course I've also put together an audio version, for those who believe video games should be heard, not seen:

Ninja Five-O has been a personal favorite of mine ever since I saw the game on a software list and thought, "This is so ridiculous I need to buy a copy." I do not, however, pretend to be particularly good at it, as you can see here — though in my defense, its grappling physics are tricky to pull off with a GameCube controller, which was designed by people who clearly hate fans of 2D games. I don't know how Ninja Five-O ever managed to see the light of day, but I'm thrilled that it exists; it's a fun throwback to the Sega Genesis days that still manages, somehow, to feel unique and inventive. A real highlight in the trough of the GBA's mid-life doldrums, and hopefully a game that manages to make its way to Virtual Console sooner or later...

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Episode Description

Jeremy dives into Game Boy Advance classic (and overpriced rarity) Ninja Five-O, a game that probably should never have existed. But isn't it nice that it does?

Music in this episode comes from Ninja Five-O, as you might expect. Games are like great dog food: They make their own gravy! The gravy in this case being musical accompaniment.

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