This Week's Retronauts is Like Lovin' an Elevator

This Week's Retronauts is Like Lovin' an Elevator

A look back to that brilliant but rarely seen mid-'90s arcade classic, Elevator Action II.

This week's Retronauts involves a figurative multi-car pile-up of a lot of my favorite things: Game music, obscure favorites, and the little-seen arcade scrolling shooter genre. Yes, it's a survey of Elevator Action II, sometimes known as Elevator Action Returns.

I wrote about Elevator Action II a couple of years ago, but I was inspired to revisit it in a new format by the recent release of Ship to Shore Phono's Zuntata Arcade Classic Vol. 1 on vinyl. Normally I'd review the release of a classic soundtrack compilation LP, but I contributed liner notes for this record and don't want to give cause for anyone to raise the "ethics in games journalism" alarm (despite my not receiving any remuneration for my essay!).

So, I can't really talk about the record here (only off the record, har har), but I can muse fondly over one of my all-time favorite arcade games. While you'll probably never bump into the arcade game in the wild, you can still play Elevator Action II pretty easily: It was reissued on PlayStation 2 as part of Taito Legends 2; if you don't have a PS2 handy, you could also grab that collection's PSP port, Taito Legends Power Up. (Taito Legends also came out for Windows, but I've never heard a single kind word about that port.)

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Episode description: Jeremy muses over one of the greatest arcade games of all time: Taito's oddly out-of-time cooperative shooter, Elevator Action II (Elevator Action Returns if you're nasty).

Incidentally, Bob and I will both be appearing at Portland Retro Gaming Expo this weekend. If you're going to be at the show, come join us for the Retronauts 10th anniversary panel Sunday afternoon and the meet-up afterwards! You can wish Bob luck as he (sadly) leaves USgamer to take up a new job at Fandom... and you and I can talk about how cool Elevator Action II is.

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