Those PlayStation Kiosks Popping Up in UK Game Shops "Aren't PS5 Related," Sony Says

Those PlayStation Kiosks Popping Up in UK Game Shops "Aren't PS5 Related," Sony Says

Sony is preparing new in-store kiosks for something PlayStation, but it's not PS5.

Yesterday, a Twitter user noted new PlayStation-branded kiosks going up in stores in the United Kingdom. That user even posted an image of one kiosk, with a comfortable-looking couch and plastic case for some sort of system. The user and everyone else assumed that this was in preparation for the upcoming PlayStation 5, given the kiosk's color palette and timing.

Sadly, that does not seem to be the case. Sony confirmed to IGN that the kiosk is "not PS5 related". That means Sony is just preparing new in-store demo setups for… the PlayStation 4 Pro? It remains unclear.

That's before you even get into the idea of having in-store demo kiosks in the middle of this pandemic. Many retail stores have limited in-person traffic and there are questions of virus transmission from a setup that might not be cleaned by employees after every session.

We know what the PlayStation 5 looks like and what games will be coming from Sony and third-parties, but we're still waiting for a price. In the code of Sony's PlayStation Direct site, there was a reference to an error message that would come up if a user tried to purchase more than one PS5. This led to more speculation that a price announcement and pre-order launch is right around the corner. Reports already state that Sony has doubled production of PS5 systems, up to 10 million units by the end of 2020.

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