THQ Nordic Picks Up the Rights to Another Classic Franchise

The mid-tier publisher grabs Outcast.

Publisher THQ Nordic announced today that it has acquired the rights to Outcast. The original title was developed by Belgian developer Appeal for release way back in 1999. It made a small splash on PC at the time, but gained favorable reviews for being one of the first open-world action adventure games.

Players took on the role of Cutter Slade, a U.S. Navy SEAL sent on a mission through a black hole—no, it doesn't kill him—dropping him into an alien world. Cutter has to complete his mission, close the black hole, and survive in the hostile environment. Outcast featured open-ended play and an extensive reputation system with the local Talan aliens.

There was a planned sequel to Outcast, Outcast II: The Lost Paradise, but it died when the developer went bankrupt. A remake and remaster of the original game were developed much later. The remaster came out in 2014 as Outcast 1.1, while the remake was released in 2017 as Outcast: Second Contact. There's no word on a new Outcast project yet.

This joins a long line of THQ Nordic acquisitions. The Austrian publisher has picked up a host of classic franchises, including Carmageddon, Alone in the Dark, TimeSplitters, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Impossible Creatures, Jagged Alliance, Summoner, Red Faction, Darksiders, and more. The full list of THQ Nordic purchases is frankly stunning.

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