Three Houses' Best Girl Comes to Fire Emblem Heroes This Week

Three Houses' Best Girl Comes to Fire Emblem Heroes This Week

And Ferdinand too, I guess.

Roll up, roll up, ye of the Fire Emblem faith, for there's best boys, girls, and idiots coming to Fire Emblem Heroes later this week. One best person rises above them all: Bernadetta, Fire Emblem: Three Houses' infamous recluse from the Black Eagles house.

Finally, Bernie Bear enters the mobile arena. The character that wields crippling social anxiety as her main weapon of choice comes to Fire Emblem Heroes the day after tomorrow, on March 6 through a special in-game event.

Yes, Bernadetta is the best girl, and I'll hear nothing more on the matter, thank you very much. She'll make a perfect addition to my team of Byleth, Dimitri, and Hilda.

Additionally, Ferdinand, Anette, and Lysithea all join Bernadetta in Fire Emblem Heroes on March 6. The Death Knight must be absolutely shitting himself at Lysithea entering the mobile fray.

All four characters will arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes through a special Summoning Event. These are events where you stand a better chance of obtaining certain characters through Gacha-like loot box mechanics. You pay for each loot box roll with Orbs, that can either be earned in-game, or paid for with real-world money.

I won't lie, I'm having an absolute blast with Fire Emblem Heroes of late. It was the third anniversary of the mobile game just last month, and it feels like there's been special Summoning events practically every other day since then, introducing new characters from the series past and present. If you're looking to scratch that Fire Emblem itch after Three Houses, don't overlook Heroes.

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