Archived Stream: Hyrule Warriors/Virtual Console Doubleheader

Archived Stream: Hyrule Warriors/Virtual Console Doubleheader

Kat plays Hyrule Warriors, then jumps into Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Ninja Gaiden.

For today's stream, I'll be taking a break from Destiny and picking up the game that everyone is actually talking about: Hyrule Warriors.

Okay, that might be overstating things a bit, but it's still surprising to see the amount of positive buzz Hyrule Warriors has been able to garner given that it's same sort of Dynasty Warriors spinoff that Tecmo Koei has been making for almost a decade now. Branding is important, I guess!

Anyway, if you're as skeptical as I am, this is your chance to see what Hyrule Warriors is all about. Unfortunately, I'm only able to stream it for about 30 minutes, so I'll be using the back half to dive into my Virtual Console library to play the game of your choice. Retro games are always fun, after all!

If you're looking for more Hyrule Warriors coverage, you can read Jeremy's review, which went up yesterday.

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Kat Bailey

Editor in Chief

Kat Bailey is a former freelance writer and contributor to publications including 1UP, IGN, GameSpot, GamesRadar, and EGM. Her fondest memories as a journalist are at GamePro, where she hosted RolePlayer's Realm and had legal access to the term "Protip." She is USgamer's resident mecha enthusiast, Pokemon Master, and Minnesota Vikings nut (skol).

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