Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaks Onto the Net

Despite the currently running alpha test being subject to a non-disclosure agreement, players have been sharing footage. Catch it while you can.

News by Pete Davison, .

As we reported last week, the Titanfall alpha is upon us, offering a number of lucky gamers the opportunity to try out the hotly anticipated new shooter's Xbox One version without having to make the trip to the tightly controlled environment of a gaming expo.

The alpha test is subject to a non-disclosure agreement, but the Internet being the Internet, this hasn't stopped a number of gamers sharing videos of their experiences online. Publisher EA has spent much of the weekend removing videos from YouTube, but there's still a significant number out there as many alpha participants jump ship to alternative, slightly less well-known video sharing services such as Dailymotion.

Here's a few videos that should give you a feel of how Titanfall plays. Catch 'em while they're hot.

After some negative feedback from gamers who thought that Titanfall's graphics weren't everything they were perhaps made out to be, Respawn programmer Rayme Vinson took to Twitter to explain that the visuals in the alpha are not representative of those in the final game due to their lower resolution. He later clarified that textures in the alpha are 256x256 resolution, while in the final game they'll be 512x512, making them look significantly sharper.

Conversation naturally turned to the ever-tedious matters of resolution and frame rate. Vinson was unwilling to confirm the resolution at which the Xbox One version of Titanfall would be running, but did state the aim was to have the game running at 60 frames per second above all else -- even if it meant a drop to 480p resolution to do so. "Luckily [it] won't come to that!" he quipped.

The official Titanfall account has also confirmed that the currently running alpha is a "limited technical test" and "NOT a beta" (their emphasis). "We don't have any beta news at this time," said the poor person behind the official account, who has doubtless been having to field thousands of questions and comments via Twitter over the last few days.

Titanfall is due out in March. It's a fairly safe bet there will be some form of more open beta before release day.

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