Titanfall Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks to Help you Win

Looking to get ahead in Titanfall? Here's a few tips from us and Respawn Entertainment.

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Titanfall is upon us! It features two Campaigns - each a series of battle scenarios where you fight for your faction (and in doing so unlock a customizable Titan chassis for completing it). Then there are the five main game modes: Attrition, Hardpoint Domination, Last Titan Standing, Pilot Hunter, and Capture The Flag.

Attrition is the game's straight-up deathmatch mode, Hardpoint Domination has players on each team attempting to hold specific points around the map, Last Titan Standing starts every player with a Titan and ends when only one of the giant mechs remains, Pilot Hunter is like Attrition except you only gain points for killing pilots, and Capture the Flag is what it says on the tin.

Does this information help you not get immediately stomped out when you enter the game? Nope. To help new players out during the previous beta, Respawn Entertainment released a video full of tips and tricks to give you a leg up on the competition.

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Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks to Help you Win

Here's a few more tips if you're just starting out:

  • Don't stop moving. Unless you're really good at hiding, you need to keep moving and shooting. A stationary pilot is generally a dead pilot. Wall-running increases speed and staying vertical is imperative.
  • Hiding won't help; you need to get out there and do damage. Every bit of damage you do while you're in pilot mode lowers the timer on calling down your Titan. If you're on a streak, you'll see your Titan far sooner than other players.
  • Wall-hang, wall-hang, wall-hang. The video mentions the wall-hang technique that most players don't know about: while wall-running, you can hold one position by holding the Left Trigger. If you're running from a gun battle, duck in a doorway, leap backwards, wall-hang, and kill your opponent from above when they follow you. When you're evacuating at the end of a match, the wall-hang can give you a great hiding spot until the dropship touches down.
  • Every pilot starts with a cloaking ability. Use it frequently because the recharge time isn't that bad. Need to get away from a lumbering Titan? Cloak yourself and duck around a corner!
  • Rodeo-ing a Titan isn't foolproof. If you're a pilot, Rodeo-ing is how you can bring Titans down, but just landing on them isn't enough. When pilots are controlling a Titan, they'll get a notification when you've jumped onboard. If the Titan stops moving, that generally means they're disembarking. It's best to jump off and try to hide, because otherwise, they can just shoot you off while you're stationary (see tip #1). If you're really good, when the Titan stops moving, you can jump off, kill the pilot, and get back to finishing off the Titan.
  • Learn to trick Rodeo-ing pilots. If you're controlling a Titan and you get the "rodeo" notification? Crouch and aim downward. Most experienced pilots will jump off, expecting you to disembark. Dash backwards and light them up with Titan weaponry!
  • Use those burn cards. Early on, you might think that burn cards are a valuable resource that you should save. They are valuable, but don't save them. At some point you'll have the maximum number of cards, meaning any new burn cards you get will just disappear. Use them, learn which ones are your favorites, and discard the ones you dislike.
  • Treat your Titan like you treat your burn cards. A Titan is just a cooldown you should pop when its ready. There's no reason to not call in your Titan. If it gets destroyed, you'll just get a new one in a few minutes anyways. Don't like riding a Titan? Leave it in Auto-Titan mode.
  • Don't forget the NPCs! Each match is augmented with a number of NPC AI players, but you'll need to worry about them just as much as you worry about the real players. At the very least, they're something for you to kill and gain points.
  • Use your side-arm. Sometimes, it's quicker to switch to your side-arm instead of reloading. In a heated gun-battle or a Titan Rodeo, don't forget your sidearm.
  • As the video says, your Titan isn't just a big mech for you to ride in. When you activate your Titanfall, it's also a very big, one-shot weapon that can be aimed. Use your Titanfall to inflict maximum damage and throw the enemy off their game!
  • You can also respawn inside your Titan if you've died and have yet to use your Titanfall. Just pick that option instead of your normal respawn and you can even the odds much quicker.
  • Don't be stuck in the idea that the only way to use your Titan is to ride it. You can also hop out and leave it in Defend mode, like a big turret, or have it follow you across the battlefield as a decoy. Especially in Hardpoint Domination, Defend mode is a useful option.
  • Don't use your Anti-Titan weapon while Rodeo-ing a Titan. Seriously, you'll kill yourself.

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  • Avatar for IndianaGamer #1 IndianaGamer 4 years ago
    Not a big FPS fan, but giant mechs combined with on-foot (or mid-air) combat has me intrigued. The multiplayer-only aspect sort of bugs me, but if it's well-balanced (and fun) and I can't ever have MechAssault 3, I imagine I'll give Titanfall a try.
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    It's definitely the most inviting competitive shooter on the market. It looks, feels and plays wonderfully. The design is also reminiscent of all the old FASA Studios stuff.
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