Titanfall Guide: Best Loadouts, Fast Leveling and XP, Weapons List and Walkthrough

Titanfall Guide: Best Loadouts, Fast Leveling and XP, Weapons List and Walkthrough

Here's how to build a Pilot that not only perfectly matches your playstyle, but also enables you to be more effective at what you want to do.

What's the best Titanfall Pilot loadout? The answer is – the one that most effectively matches the way you want to play the game and enhances your ability to execute your objectives. So the questions you really need to ask yourself are: what kind of Pilot do I want to be, what do I want to do in the game, and what do I need to arm myself with to augment and maximize my skillset for that purpose?

When I first started playing Titanfall, I approached my personal loadout from the top – starting from outside of the game. I'm playing on Xbox One with a controller, and I'm normally a hardcore mouse-and-keyboard PC player. That means for quite a few days while I'm acclimatizing my muscle-memory-honed mouse-aiming skills to a thumbstick, I'm going to have to live the fact that my aiming is slow, wobbly, and dangerously imprecise. So no pinpoint power weapons for me. If I'm going to be worth a damn, it's spray-and-pray all the way. So my first build was this one:

The Enhanced Parkour Kit suits highly mobile builds that want to stay on the move - or Pilots playing aggressively who want to be able to engage the enemy quickly while making sure they're not an easy target.


Run and Gun

This has now become my primary build for aggressive play – moving forward ahead of everyone else, scouting, taking out solitary enemy front-runners, and hunting snipers. I also use it for capping hardpoints and flanking play.

Primary weapon: Smart Pistol MK5

When first I started playing, pinpoint shooting wasn't exactly my forte, so the auto-targeting MK5 was the perfect weapon to use while I improved my skills. However, while it takes care of aiming at targets when you can't, its Achilles' heel is its really poor range. That means if you're not careful and end up in the sights of far deadlier burst weaponry with better range than you, you'll quickly find yourself dead. So this build needs to be very mobile, and stick to cover. Because of that mobility requirement, I applied Enhanced Targeting as soon as I could to minimize time spent stationary.

As a quick aside - you should always think about when to engage a target. Most players just shoot on sight, but if you want to play well, pick your targets and don't be afraid to run away. Timing and patience is huge in Titanfall - as it is in most PvP games. Waiting for the right shot is usually better than taking the first available shot.

I did think long and hard about using the EVA-8 Shotgun for this build. I love the fact that you can waste people in one shot, but unless want to stick to rooms and crawlspaces, it's just not quite the right fit for a high mobility build. For my Run and Gun build, I wanted the flexibility that the MK5 offers.

Sidearm: RE-45 Autopistol

Since I can't aim very accurately, and since this build was already committed to high mobility and close-range combat, I went for the RE-45 as my sidearm. It's a perfect complement to the MK5: a button masher that delivers 20 lumps of fresh lead before reload that'll help air out anyone standing in front of you. Of course, it's absolutely terrible at range, but who cares? This build is all about chasing down enemies, or running away from them. There's no hanging about.

Anti-Titan Weapon: Sidewinder

Being constantly mobile means I'm inevitably fairly close to enemy Titans - or can get close quickly enough. The Sidewinder is a great option so I can quickly whip it out, let rip with a salvo, and then run for cover. Definitely don't want to be twiddling my thumbs waiting for a lock-on.

Tactical: Active Radar Pulse

While I was leveling up, the Stim pack was my best friend. Since my build revolves around mobility and run-by shootings, Stim's speedup abilities vastly outweigh any lurking benefits a cloak gives me. However, I threw Stim out the moment I hit level 19 and got my hands on the Active Radar Pulse. Being able to peer through a wall into a room and see where the enemy is lets you more effectively plan how your surprise lead donation party is going to go down.

Ordnance: Satchel Charge

When you're rushing around the battlefields of Titanfall, there's plenty of opportunity to throw ordnance at things you don't like. If you're going for a Titanhunter build, Arc Grenades are top notch. I prefer them a little more than Arc Mines, which can sometimes be hit and miss. With this build, I ended up using Frag Grenades more, simply because they're a fun way of saying hello to the people in the room you're about to enter.

But then I got to Level 17 and it was all about the Satchel. Apart from being a sucker for anything that has a Big Red Button, I just like the fact I can fling it at anything and it'll stick there until detonated. Plus there's a bonus factor that you can use it like a grenade, but with a fuse that you control. Time your throw right, and you can blow up an enemy Pilot mid-jump.

Kit Tier 1: Enhanced Parkour Kit

I stuck with the basic Enhanced Parkour Kit to keep me mobile. I keep fiddling around with other Kits, but I just like the improved opportunity to maneuver over and along obstacles. Run N Gun is another very tempting option – but not until my aim really improves.

Kit Tier 2: Warpfall Transmitter

There are a variety of Tier 2 options, and they're all very situational. I used the Minion Detector while leveling up, since it helps you kill them by the dozen - perfect when you're grinding those weapon achievements. But once done, I switched to the Warpfall Transmitter. It reduces hanging around time, and has the additional bonus of giving you more chance of dropping your Titan on enemies.

Some players can't conceive of not getting into a Titan, but if you're playing a sniping role - or indeed any role where you're more effective outside your Titan than in it, let it take care of itself. Or even do it a favor and let it take even better care of itself with a Guardian Chip.

Hardcore Sniper-Camper

In most shooters, I'm a scumbag sniper by trade. I love playing support, and efficiently removing threats to the team is something most people appreciate. So once I'd got more used to aiming with a controller, a Sniper-Camper was my next build.

Primary weapon: Longbow-DMR Sniper

The upside of being a sniper is that it's a barrel of laughs. The downside of being a sniper is that people take being shot in the head from afar really personally. I get that. Running into someone and having a firefight is fair game. But being shot in head while you're happily wandering along minding your own business it really annoying. So before you settle in to your camping spot, quickly assess the next place you'll move to when your next victim decides to come after you in a fit of rage.

I tend to min-max my rifle. If you're going for a really pro-camping build, the 6x scope is what you need. It lets you dish out many WTF moments to your enemies. Trouble is, it's fairly hopeless on close and midrange targets, so use it in battlefields where you have nice long views and wide-open spaces to work with.

The AOG is a good all-round attachment that's really quick and precise for close to mid-range aiming, and can take out people from afar with a bit of luck. But for the most part, loss of ranged capability is an acceptable sacrifice, since in most cases you're going to be shooting down from rooftops into streets, or across from building to building.

Sidearm: RE-45 Autopistol

When people come a-looking for you, having a close-range backup is key. The RE-45 is the weapon that'll give you a fighting chance in a face-to-face, unless you're Mr Melee Skillz and can kick people off roofs. By the way - people take that personally too.

Anti-Titan Weapon: Archer Heavy Rocket

Since you've usually got a good view of the action and plenty of time to line up a rocket, the Archer Heavy is the perfect companion for a sniper.

Tactical: Cloak

No question about it. If you're doing your job well, you're going to have plenty of really pissed-off people looking for you. So a cloak that makes it harder for them to find you is a great item to have. Use it while moving to your next destination, or when you're just sitting somewhere so you're more difficult to spot. It isn't foolproof, but the Cloak can really save your butt.

Ordnance: Satchel Charge

Glory times can be had with these. Think someone's coming? Liberally scatter some satchels around the roof and keep your finger on the Big Red Button so you can welcome them with a salvo of deadly explosions. Also, since you're spending most of your time on upper floors and roofs, these are fun to throw down into the streets below.

Kit Tier 1: Power Cell

Since I'm going hardcore with this build, and since the Cloak is so useful to help me avoid the attention of all those people with holes in their heads, the Power Cell is great. Being harder to find makes you even MORE annoying.

Kit Tier 2: Guardian Chip

So how hardcore a hardcore sniper-camper am I? So hardcore, that I am not getting into a Titan. I'll stick to the rooftops and let my Titan do its thing. The Guardian Chip lets it do its thing even more effectively, which works for me.

The trouble is, though, I haven't reached a high enough level yet to earn it. So until I do, I'll be using a Dome-Shield Battery. I like the extended time it gives me to get to my Titan if I ever need to, because when I do, I'm usually somewhere stupid like right on the top of a building.

Wide open spaces are never your friend. Cloaks are great in this situation to help you cross over no-man's land and avoid getting shot.

Flexible Short-Range Combat

Quite rightly, Titanfall gives you a vast amount of options when it comes to creating flexible-role builds. However, while the differences between them can be subtle, understanding the particular advantages of a loadout can help you play on your strengths, and avoid getting caught up in situations where the enemy might have a slight, but nevertheless deadly upper hand.

Primary weapon: R-97 Compact SMG

My third build was a short-range combat specialist. Mostly sneaking about buildings looking for enemies, but also rushing forward for close-quarter engagement when necessary. It's not a role that I excel at, so to give me the best chance of success I wanted something a little more on the spray-and-pray side. The R-97 Compact SMG fits the bill nicely, especially with the extended mag. I sometimes switch in the C.A.R. SMG for a bit of variety, but what with my close-up aiming being poor and the C.A.R. offering little margin for error, it's not as effective for my playstyle. The R-97 is a lot more forgiving.

I was pondering the EVA-8 for this build, but it's just a little too situational for me. The R-97 is excellent for room-to-room combat, and it's not bad over longer distances either. Because of that, I tend to use this build for "general purpose" fighting when I want the option to improvise or do my own thing. There are plenty of other primary weapons that can be the centerpiece of a more flexible loadout, but I ultimately chose this one because it suits my playstyle. If I was quicker on the draw or had better aiming skills, I would have chosen a different weapon. That's something to bear in mind when you're building your own flexible loadouts - be honest with yourself and pick a weapon that plays to your strengths as a player, not the most powerful one.

Sidearm: Hammond P2011

This is the most jack-of-all-trades sidearm, so I thought it was a good pick for a loadout that has me playing in a variety of different situations.

Anti-Titan Weapon: Sidewinder

Like I said before - the Sidewinder is the better option for a more mobile Pilot. If your build and playstyle revolves around finding a place to fight and staying there until it you need to move, the Archer Heavy Rocket might be a better option.

Tactical: Active Radar Pulse

Short-range combat is made less risky when you know what's in the next room. So this gets the vote for this build.

Ordnance: Frag Grenade

If you're spending most of your time running into (and out of) rooms and enclosed spaces, Frag Grenades are a great way to pre-empt your arrival.

Kit Tier 1: Explosives Pack

This is a personal thing, but with a build that's all about room-to-room combat, I like the option of having more explosives to throw into the places I'm about to enter. I also swap in the Power Cell too, since that is also very useful – but not quite as deadly.

Kit Tier 2: Warpfall Transmitter

With this build I find I'm often in the thick of it, so being able to drop in a Titan quickly can be really useful – and quite devastating if happens to fall on enemy Pilots or Titans.

The Titanfall arsenal is impressive. Understanding the subtle variations between weapons is key to building the most effective loadout for your playstyle. A slow-aiming gun is not good if you're putting together a Pilot hunter/ambush build, for example.


Since I've gone through three of my favorite builds, rather than creating more, I thought it'd be more useful to run down all the available loadout options and talk about how they can be used most effectively. Of course, your mileage may vary, but what I'm essentially trying to do is help you think about how you want to play the game, so you can choose the right weapons to best suit what you want to do.

R-101C Carbine

This is the standard, all-round weapon that most players use when they first start playing. It's great, it does the job, and it's a perfect match for any vanilla, do-anything build. If you want to be able to deal with pretty much any situation, this weapon is perfect.

Hemlok BF-R

Not particularly effective for close-quarter combat, but excellent for players who have good accuracy. Successfully hitting an enemy Pilot with a three-round burst will put them in serious trouble. The BF-R is best used for suppressing fire roles, following your team's frontrunners, and picking off the Pilots they flush out.

G2A4 Rifle

This packs a serious punch, but unless you're confident in your aiming skills, the G2A4 is probably best left on the shelf. If you do have a deadeye, however, this is a devastating weapon lets you support an advancing team by picking off enemies from a distance, or to defend a position by nailing taking out approaching enemies before they even see you.

EVA-8 Shotgun

If you want to trailblaze, clear rooms, or charge camping snipers, a loadout featuring the EVA-8 will do all that and more. You need to make every shot count, but if you do, you'll leave a trail of bodies in your wake. I recently created an EVA-8 build, and it's the most aggressive-playing loadout I've yet experienced. If you get the chance to sneak up on someone – or if someone comes straight at you, they're toast.


While the R-97 is ideal for close-quarters combat, the C.A.R. is a better bet for urban battles where you're shooting Pilots lurking in windows, across streets, or on rooftops. Loadouts featuring this weapon facilitate a more flexible playstyle that's best enjoyed by players who might take a little longer to aim than the snapshotting Titanfall experts amongst us.

R-97 Compact SMG

As mentioned before, this is a great weapon for loadouts designed around interior combat and close-quarters situations. Whether you want to be a highly mobile scout/trailblazer, Pilot hunter, or run ahead of your team and fight the enemy head on, this is a great option.

Spitfire LMG

A devastating weapon that requires longer bursts of fire for accuracy. If it suits your style, try it out for urban combat, support roles and defending positions.

Longbow-DMR Sniper

I covered this in detail above, but basically, the Longbow-DMR facilitates a variety of sniping roles. Depending on the attachment you use, you can fine tune your build between a hardcore camper, a mobile sniper, and a dynamic support/defensive marksman.

Kraber-AP Sniper

The ultimate camper's weapon. Hitting moving targets with the Kraber-AP is really difficult, but if you do hit anything, it's goodnight Vienna. And if you spot a stationary target? Guaranteed kill.

Smart Pistol MK5

A great starter weapon that's perfect for Pilots who want to have the highest possible mobility, need to hone their aiming skills, or want to hunt NPCs.


B3 Wingman

If you need a secondary weapon with good range and high damage, this is the one to choose. However, to get the best out of it, you need pinpoint aiming.

RE-45 Autopistol

The opposite of the B3, the RE-45 is a high-capacity short-range weapon that can either augment your close-quarter combat build, or provide a good backup when your Primary is a long-range weapon with limited short-range abilities.

Hammond P2011

Don't know what you'll be doing? The P2011 can do it all.

Anti-Titan Weapons


More suitable for the mobile Pilot who want to be able to whip out their Anti-Titan weapon, fire and then quickly move on. Best for medium and close range shots.

Charge Rifle

Ideally, you need to be very close to your target to get the best out of this weapon – and have a few brief moments to charge it up. But if you can do that and hit your target, you'll be very pleased with the results.

Archer Heavy Rocket

If your build is more about support, or you're playing a more stationary, longer-range role, this is great. Just remember that it's a poor choice for cramped battlefields packed with obstacles and buildings.

Mag Launcher

This is a great all-round Anti-Titan weapon. Best for middle-distance use, it can still be quite effective close-up and at range. For a flexible build where you want to be able to improvise, this is the best choice.


Frag Grenade

If you think you're going to be spending a lot of time in advanced positions, going from room to room and fighting in confined spaces, Frag Grenades are a good choice.

Arc Grenade

If you're playing a Titanhunter role, you need Arc Grenades.

Satchel Charge

Although you're essentially helpless when you've primed your Charges and are waiting to press the Big Red Button, if you use them in the right situations, they can be deadly. Throw them, drop them behind you when you're being chased (or off a building onto an enemy below), stick them to a wall and wait for someone to walk past – Satchel Charges give you lots of options.

Arc Mine

Combining moderately useful Titan-disrupting effects and good old-fashioned explosives, Arc Mines are proximity sensitive , drop-and-forget ordnance that are great for any mobility build.



A great all-round choice. But especially useful for Pilots playing support roles where they want to move into position unseen, or make themselves more difficult to spot while stationary.


High-mobility builds can really benefit from stim – particularly those who expect to spend most of their time running from building to building or across wide-open spaces.

Active Radar Pulse

If you're going to be fighting in buildings and enclosed spaces, this beats everything else by a country mile.

Kits: Tier 1

Enhanced Parkour Kit

Although it's a basic piece of Kit, if your build is designed around aggressive play and high mobility, this'll help you move around more effectively, and make you a harder target to hit.

Explosives Pack

Somewhat narrow in usefulness, but if you have a build where you find you use ordnance frequently, this is an obvious gimme.

Power Cell

This is very useful if your build relies heavily on a Tactical augment – especially close combat builds using the Active Radar Pulse.

Quick Reload Kit

Builds using weapons with low capacity magazines benefit best from this, especially in situations where you expect to be in constant proximity to the enemy.

Run N Gun Kit

In the hands of a constantly-moving Pilot with keen aiming abilities, this is a quite deadly piece of Kit .

Stealth Kit

Somewhat specialized, but if you're playing a Pilot hunter role, this can help push your capabilities up a notch.

Don't underestimate the damage a Titan can do to the enemy when it drops from the skies. A Warpfall Transmitter lets you time your drop more effectively.

Kits: Tier 2

Dome-Shield Battery

Need a few more seconds to get to your Titan? Or indeed get yourself together before moving out? This will do you nicely.

Minion Detector

Particularly early on, this Kit can be useful for finding grunts so you can crank out those achievements. But as you level up, it becomes less useful.

Warpfall Transmitter

If you want to drop your Titan on enemies, this gives you the best chance of doing so. It's also great being able to drop in your Titan quickly when you need it.

Guardian Chip

Auto-Titans are quite useful, and if you have any build where you're more effective outside of your Titan than in it, this is a great choice.

The Icepick

If you're the kind of player that does highly useful things like hack turrets to support the team, this will help you do your job even more efficiently.

Dead Man's Trigger

The ultimate eff-you from beyond the grave, this is the ordnance man's last laugh. Think you're going to die? Hurl those Satchel Charges or Arc Mines like a lunatic and go out with a bang. Not exactly useful, but FUN. And if you're a sniper, taking this will ensure you are without doubt the most annoying player ever.


The Obvious Stuff

Both campaigns offer good xp right out the gate.


Killing minions in droves is a great way to rack up the xp. Not only are you helping your team, but you’ll also be hitting those easy achievements that deliver chunky sums of xp.

Use different weapons

As you level up, you’ll probably end up using specific weapons and tactics that best suit your playstyle. Early on, however, try everything available to you, and go minion hunting. Not only can you unlock new attachments for your new weapon, within a few games, you can hit multiple achievements and clock up some nice xp. If you have double xp burn cards, this is a good time to use them.

Set yourself achievement objectives

Look at your achievements for ones close to completion and and plan ahead. If you’re close to hitting a wallrunning achievement, for example, you’ll know what to focus on. Every time you enter any battlezone, you should always have a few achievement objectives in your back pocket you should be taking care of. That way you always have some additional reward-generating things to do while you’re on your way to doing something else.

Think about the mission's objectives

Killing other players generates good xp, but unless that's the single focus of the game you're playing, concentrate more on the objectives. Generally speaking, whatever you're supposed to be doing in a mission is the thing that'll earn you the most xp. For example, solid xp can be generated if you focus on hardpoints in a hardpoint mission. While Pilot hunting can be a risky exercise, holding a point and waiting for the enemy to come to you can be a safer experience and you get additional defensive xp too.

Burn Cards

Think strategically about using burn cards, but make sure you do use them consistently. You don’t want to have a full deck and miss out on the opportunity to get better ones later in the game.

Five Extra Titanfall Tips

Sometimes it's easier watching than reading, so here's our quick guide to Titanfall - featuring five useful tips every Pilot should know

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