Titanfall Won't Launch with Mod Support

The PC version of Titanfall will be "like it or leave it" at launch, but never say never.

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Titanfall, the new game from the Call of Duty co-creators' studio Respawn, is coming in early March to PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and a lot of people are very excited about it.

But one unwelcome piece of news has emerged for prospective PC players hoping to enjoy community contributions to the game alongside the content provided by Respawn at launch: there won't be any mod support, at least not initially.

Vince Zampella confirmed as much on Twitter in late December, but with the holiday season in full swing the news has only been more widely shared now.

Zampella hasn't ruled out the possibility of modding tools after the game's launch, however; he noted that the team would "evaluate" the situation once it was up and running and people were playing it.

It'll be both a great shame and a big surprise if the PC version of Titanfall doesn't support modding. The game runs on a modified version of Valve's Source engine, and Source games have historically been highly customizable through mods. The prevalence of mods, in turn, helps to ensure that these games continue to enjoy healthy communities for years after release -- look at the enduring popularity of Team Fortress 2, various incarnations of Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike: all games that have been kept fresh through community contributions over the years. At the same time, though, Respawn and publisher EA likely want to ensure they don't cannibalize the possibility of sequels and official, premium-priced map packs down the road by opening the floodgates to community-created content too soon.

Further tweets from Zampella note that Titanfall will also be lacking in certain e-sports features such as LAN settings at launch, but again note that discussions will happen after the game has shipped assuming there is sufficient interest in such features. Zampella and his team are keen to get the core game working as well as possible at launch, after which the team will then be able to look a little more broadly at what the community wants and whether or not it's practical or workable to provide it.

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