Titanfall's First DLC Detailed and Dated

The Expedition pack will be with us next month.

News by Pete Davison, .

The presence of a Season Pass was something of a tip-off that Titanfall would be expanded with some DLC at some point, and sure enough, the first add-on for the game has been announced.

Dubbed "Expedition," the pack will be with us in May, and it brings players three new maps to run, vault, leap and stomp across for $9.99. Alternatively, holders of the aforementioned Season Pass will receive the content for free, with two more content packs to follow in the near future.

The three new maps include Runoff, which is based around a military base on an uncharted world; Swamplands, which features some ancient ruins; and Wargames, a Militia training ground. It doesn't sound as if there are any new weapons, modes, Titans or other content in the DLC package, making the package look a little lightweight for the price -- particularly when compared to how much is typically crammed into a Call of Duty DLC drop for just $5 more.

A Titanfall Season Pass will set you back $24.99 and grant you a saving of about $5 on purchasing the three DLC packs separately. The next two expansions are set to drop in "summer" and "fall" respectively, but there's no word yet on what they will include.

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