Titanfall's Maps, Game Modes and Prestige-Equivalent Revealed in Full

As the countdown to release continues, further details emerge.

Titanfall is out very soon -- next Tuesday, in fact -- so insert some sort of tired "prepare for Titanfall" play on words here as you see fit.

Full details of the game have been kept fairly tightly under wraps until recently, though a bit of careful dismantling of the public beta revealed some information on what we could expect from the final game.

Now, thanks to Reddit user FallenFusion, who claims to have a reliable inside source rather than digging through the beta's files, we have a full breakdown of all the maps available in the game, plus all the game modes and how the equivalent to "Prestige mode" will work.

There are, as previously suggested, 15 maps in the game: Angel City, Fracture, Colony, Relic, Airbase, Boneyard, Corporate, Outpost 207, Lagoon, Rise, Smugglers' Cove, Overlook, Nexus, Demeter and Training Ground -- though it's not entirely clear yet if the latter is used outside of the initial tutorial scenario the first time you play the game.

Some maps include anti-Titan turrets which fight for one team or the other, but which can be hacked. FallenFusion's source suggests that multiple Titans will be required to take these down.

Some of the other maps incorporate ziplines for pilots to use, too. By holding the reload button, you can make use of a zipline in either direction, apparently -- presumably using pilots' jumpjets when travelling upwards -- to make a quick escape.

Added to the roster of modes we already knew about -- Attrition, Capture the Flag, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing -- is Pilot Hunter, a fairly self-explanatory mode in which you only score points for killing players who are on foot. Killing the AI-controlled units in this mode doesn't score you any points, but it does allow you to speed up the cooldown timers for things like dropping in your Titan and making use of its special abilities.

Finally, the game's Prestige-equivalent is called Generations. Upon reaching the level cap, you'll be able to sacrifice all your experience points, levels and other benefits to be reborn at level 1 with 110% experience point gain and an identifying chip showing that you've been "regenerated." You'll retain your Burn Card collection but lose everything else, much like how Call of Duty's Prestige system works.

Excited yet? I'm not, but the rest of Team USG seemed to have a lot more fun than I did.

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