Play Tom Clancy's The Division for Free This Weekend

Play Tom Clancy's The Division for Free This Weekend

And available heavily discounted, if you like what you shoot.

Fiending for yet another multiplayer game to roam around with your buds? Then you’re in luck, because Tom Clancy’s The Division will be offering a free weekend across all platforms from May 4th to May 7th. In addition, during and shortly after the event, there will be discounted prices for the full game.

For PS4 and Xbox Gold players, they can purchase The Division for $19.99 (the Gold version $31.49 for PS4, $35.99 for Xbox One) until May 15th. For non-Xbox Gold members, The Division will only be available heavily discounted only until May 8th. PC players will be able to get The Division for $24.99 (or $35.99 for its Gold version) from May 4th to May 7th at 1pm PDT, when the event ends.

All progress players make in the game’s free version will carry over to the full game. While the free weekend is in progress, the currently available free trial offer (where players can play up to six hours or until they reach level 8) will be temporarily put on hiatus. Servers for the free weekend open on Xbox One and Playstation 4 at 12:01am PDT on May 4th, and close on 11:59 PDT on May 7th. Alternatively, on PC servers open at 10:00am PDT on May 4th and close 1:00pm PDT on May 7th.

The Division has more in store for Year 2 of the game, adding two expansions. There's also a movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal (the Prince of Persia is back baby!) and Jessica Chastain in the works, because video game adaptations have a... good reputation. (Just kidding.)

If you’re in need of guidance at all during the limited free weekend, check out our extensive The Division guide and walkthrough for tips.

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