Tony Hawk Pro Skater Revival Rumors Get a New Boost From a Punk Band

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Revival Rumors Get a New Boost From a Punk Band

"Just licensed 5 new songs to [the] Tony Hawk 2020 game."

If we are on the cusp of getting a brand new Tony Hawk game, a re-release of a classic title, or possibly both, then there's something so appropriate about the surprise having been spoiled in advance by folks who're going to be featured in it. Late last year, a professional skater dropped a reference to a new Tony Hawk title in development, and today, a band said it just licensed its music for a "Tony Hawk 2020" game.

The claim comes from The Death Set, an art punk act founded in Australia that's now based in Brooklyn, New York. Earlier this morning, the band posted a message to its Facebook page about licensing "5 new songs to [the] Tony Hawk 2020 game." The post has since been deleted.

A similar thing happened last November when real life pro skater Lizzie Armanto appeared on The Nine Club, a skateboarding podcast. On the show, Armanto mentioned being featured in "another" Tony Hawk game after 2015's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, which is currently the last title in the series. Armanto's comments were edited out of the YouTube version of the podcast. Really, if your music or your very career as a skater was going to be featured in a new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game, wouldn't you have a hard time keeping the secret?

When he's not tweeting about his seemingly constant existential crisis, Tony Hawk has been pretty open with his fondness for the classic Pro Skater series and very to-the-point about a revival or remasters being outside of his control. In 2018, Hawk said that while Activision owned the license to the games, he was no longer working with them. Obviously that could have changed in the years since, but The Birdman himself has been quiet about any video games he is or isn't currently involved with.

With no EA Skate resurrection in sight and the status of Pro Skater being kept somewhat hush-huh, skateboarding game fans have turned to other options. If you're eager to grind some rails and get some air right now, perhaps Creā-ture Studio's Session or even Animal Pro Skater, a Dreams creation, will satisfy your needs.

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