Torchlight Frontiers is an Action RPG MMO That'll Feel Similar to the Original Torchlight Games

Torchlight Frontiers is an Action RPG MMO That'll Feel Similar to the Original Torchlight Games

“People who played Torchlight will be able to sit down and play it immediately."

Remember Torchlight? It's back, in pog – er, MMO form. Echtra Games CEO and ex-Runic CEO Max Schaefer appeared in a new video today introducing his new development studio as well as revealing some new details about the upcoming Torchlight Frontiers, an MMO set in the Torchlight universe.

Schaefer, who previously co-founded Runic Games and Blizzard North where he worked on the Diablo series is returning to the Torchlight universe. Torchlight 1 and 2 were both Diablo-esque action RPGs and Schaefer promises that this won't be just a generic MMO branded with the Torchlight logo.

"We're not just making a generic MMO and branding it with Torchlight characters. This is a true Torchlight game," said Scaefer. "This is a true Torchlight game so it's going to have very similar controls to the original Torchlights, going to have very visceral combat, very good feels and weighty swings to your weapons."

"People who played Torchlight will be able to sit down and play [Frontiers] immediately, but then they'll discover all the new things we can do because it is a persistent world and shared universe."

Torchlight Frontiers is slated for launch next year on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Schaeffer specifically says Frontiers is an action-RPG MMO, so fans disappointed that the next Torchlight will be going the MMO route should hopefully take solace in the fact that it seems the team at Echtra are remembering the legacy of Torchlight for the upcoming MMO.

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